Yay for 2 things in this photo:
1) a bottle
2) no feeding tube
The tube is staying out unless she needs a tube feed. She had been pulling it out every time it went back in last week. So far today, she has done all bottles, in under the time she needs to, and with no problems. A face without tape looks SO good to me!
Lucy passed her car seat test, her oxygen didn't drop below 98 the whole 45 minutes her nurse said. I was worried about that to be honest. I didn't want to start her 6 day count over--just in case that would put us back any. If she does all bottles for 24 hours, then I'll ask the time frame for having to drink all bottles. I hate asking all the time, because it makes you feel a little let down. We did start the check-off process so we aren't bombarded with things the night we room in. (I hope she comes home before Luke goes to NC, or I'll be up there by myself--not really a big deal though, I guess.) We are taking an infant CPR class on the 5th of Feb. and watching the preemie care dvd Wednesday. She passed her hearing test & we gave them her pediatrician's name. I think that was all that we did/signed up for last night.
Posted by PicasaShe did have a low temp. last night, so we didn't giver her a soap bath. She also had lost about half an ounce. So she got bundled up with a nice warm blanket and hat before we left. After she takes a bottle for 24 hours, I have been told I can attempt to nurse once a day. I think her 8 PM feeding tonight will be 24 hours.
Things are looking to be progressing , hopefully it will be SOON!

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