It’s official, & can be made public now. We are moving! There are so many mixed emotions. We have such good family, friends, friends who are like family, church family, & doctors here. I hate, really hate, leaving the kids’ doctors. I hate leaving the Dr. that brought both my kids into the world in emergency c-sections. I especially hate leaving all the people that helped us with Lucy, it’s a different type of attachment. I feel like Landon will be so sad without Jack,Trey, Owen, and Lyla--his bffs. I hate packing-ugh. This is move # 4 for us since we have been married, but thankfully we’ve been in our house for about 5 years ( I think?). But at least I have a while before we have to go. That was sarcasm. Luke has actually been told that he will need to be at his new store  on September 19th. So I will send the next two week packing boxes, but today it feels so great to sit in sweats, listen to the rain, and NOT pack. So many questions. Where will we live? Where will we go to church? What doctor will we go to? What doctor will the kids go to? What about my neurology appointment I have in 2 weeks? What about Lucy’s Early Intervention? What about Lucy’s secondary insurance? What about her next hearing test & following preemie tests?The plus side to all of this is that Luke’s position is in New Albany, Indiana, and we will be moving to Louisville. We have both been praying for this new position for a long long time. He’s been working for this for 6 years, & finally made his way up to store manager. We both have always hoped for a move to a coast, walking on the beach, laying out, playing with the kids in the water on weekends. But we both know this is just a 2 year commitment, and we could very well be moving again in the next few years. And he will continue to try to move up in the company in the next several years. A district manager is the next step up & could require a move also. We have looked at a few houses over the weekend in Louisville, one that I love. I love. Luke really really likes it too, he just isn’t for sure it’s for us right now because he is leery of a few things and the inspection.It has everything on my list: brick,fireplace, 3+ bedrooms, 2+ baths, large dining room, pantry, & it is also right by the park & Southern Parkway. It also has a full finished basement with a full bath and extra bedroom & living areas. <3 It just went on the market like this weekend, so it very well could still be available in a few months.We’re still looking at houses with the help of some people, but at this point are possibly leaning towards renting at first. We will find a house at the right time. ( I hope the right time is in the next few weeks!)We are planning on keeping our house here & renting it. So we will be busy busy this week and next. I'm sad to leave the house that both the kids came home to, but excited about new opportunities with our family!


Emmy Loo

Lucy turned 8 months old on August 13th! We had to take her in for a little cold, and she weighed in at 10 pounds and 11 ounces. Yes, that is only 8 ounces more than she was at 6 months :(  She had a cold which causes weight loss because she can't breathe to eat, and she also had a 2 week GI virus that was going around & had bad runny dirty diapers every day. These shouldn't have caused that little of a gain though.We are keeping a food diary for 2 weeks, and Dr. M will re-assess her weight on September 14th to see where she is and go from there. He had thought she would be on the charts for weight and height this next visit, but we will see in 2 weeks.
It took her a few weeks to get the cereal down, but she has started eating solids 2 times a day--cereal in the morning & a veggie or fruit at night. We started the veggies right at 8 months.
Her corrected age was 6 months on the 22nd, and she has finally found her feet! She can pull her toes to her mouth, and she kicks like crazy now! I had the Dr check them at her sick visit. I was so worried because her feet would just hang, lay, or sit crossed at the ankles ( like in her picture above). She was right on track with development according to her corrected age, and then she seemed to be falling behind. We stopped her TEIS after 3 months, but they have re-opened her case so we will be getting some more help on how to help her stay on track. As a parent of a baby born under 3 pounds, you know how great of a chance she has of having a serious disability, even as she grows older.I spent too many nights up until 2AM  looking up cerebral palsy and everything else that could possible be wrong with her, but (with many prayers from people)  overnight one day she started doing so much! She also is still rolling ALL over the place!