3 weeks

I was hoping we'd hit 3 pounds right at 3 weeks, but she finally hit it at 3 weeks and 1 day! Last night she weighed in at 3 pounds and 1/4 ounce. She is still doing great. Her oxygen is still turned down to .02. She had to go up as high as .04% the other night because she was having trouble, but she seems better now. I am off of my blood pressure medicine as well right at the 3 week mark. I need to go back through all these posts and make sure I've been keeping track of all her weigh ins. The NICU gave us a journal to keep track of all of these things, and I have just not gotten it out to write in it. Maybe later on today I will go back and use this to help me remember things.
There is a little boy next to where she is now up front. As of the 2nd, he has been there for 12 weeks. He was born at 26 weeks, and weighed 1 pound and something. He had a car seat up there Monday too! We've seen those a few days before the kid goes home, so maybe his time is coming! So exciting. I can't imagine 3 months! I know he had other issues rather than just being little. The day that Lucy was born, the dad was telling Luke that we had no worries, 30 weeks was great, and their baby was only a pound, so she'll be great! It's so crazy that anyone can think that 30 weeks is GREAT! All the nurses and Doctors told me the same thing as they were prepping me for surgery. No one would ever think of  30 weeks as GREAT, but when you compare it to what else could have been, it really is great. It's not ideal, it hurts, it's upsetting, it's devastating, I'm sure will be expensive, and it just is no fun! But she is here, still healthy, growing & gaining weight steadily, and it's much better to what could have been.
Keep praying that she will continue to gain weight, and not get sick!

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