Lucy is coming home!

Last night the nurse said, " So you all are planning on rooming in on Friday night?". And we both looked at each other, and then back at her and said ," Well, we don't know. We hadn't been told yet. Are you telling us?". Then she got a  little hesitant, and said she would check again, looked at the charts and said that Lucy is coming home Saturday, and if we want to room in we can Friday night.
And while this is THE BIGGEST PRAISE, and the answer to our prayers, and the most exciting day that we have been looking forward to for 45 days now, you still feel as though the devil is throwing worries at you by the minute.
Luke had off of work today, and we were going to head to the hospital and stay for 2 feedings. I was going to try to nurse Lucy for the 1st time, drop some milk off, andwe had a list of questions to ask the Dr. that have we had thought of overnight. We also had to go get some diapers and wipes. YES, we need those soon, and hadn't bought any!  Of course I wake up today feeling nauseated again, and by 1:00 pm had been throwing up 3 or 4 times already. So I used some of the medicine the Dr gave me a few weeks ago, which means pump and dump for 24 hours JUST TO BE SAFE. (It's OK, we have tons in the freezer there and here.) I also will not be going up there today, I feel fine now just tired. I would be fine around Lucy, she has my milk & most likely won't get sick. But I can't spread my germs to anyone else, as well as Luke and Landon in case they will be getting sick too ( please pray that they won't). So, I was quite a bit sad about not nursing her at all so far. I will get to tomorrow night and Friday night before she comes home.Most nurses had told me that most babies just go home with 1 feeding being nursed anyways. I'm worried about how and when to switch feedings from bottles, I'm worried about pumping, nursing, and making bottles , I'm worried about her getting sick when she comes home, and I'm worried about who/when/how often to have visitors once she gets here. BUT, I'm trying to not worry and know that we will have a Dr to ask those questions to tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday still. We will have lactation people to talk to at the hospital, call, or that can come here. I will have Luke to help me carry this load. I will have everyone that is praying for us as well. I'm trying to stay so positive and remember the special little blessing we will FINALLY be bringing home Saturday!
Her nurse today said she has been great all day! The Dr. has ordered that she needs her minimum amount of 38ml from her bottle, but she can eat until she is full. When we talked to the nurse at 11 AM, she had taken 46 ml, and when we talked to her juts now at 5:30 she had taken 58! I think I remember that 30 is 1 ounce,  so she almost had 2 ounces at one feeding!
Luke and Landon are off to Target to get a big box of wipes with some of a gift card I have left, and since we are out of Tide and have a coupon, they're getting some more Free and Clear. We don't usually get behind on laundry or ever have big stacks that need washing or putting away, but I will go ahead and get done all that we have tonight and tomorrow. I have a feeling that next week will be crazy, even though we've had 7 weeks by that point to get ready =) Landon and I will work on getting some diapers tomorrow, and  I need to go get my DTaP booster shot. I didn't get it in the hospital, and  am going to before she comes home. Luke has a big day at work tomorrow--there are some important people walking the store. They will also be in NC when he goes back in 2 weeks, so he wants to make sure his store ( and he) make a good impression. Then we will be off to visit sweet Lucy tomorrow night!
We will keep updating for the next few days, but I can't guarantee how often once she comes home =) We will see how the transition goes from the NICU to home, as well as 1 kid to 2. Please keep praying for us as we start the next step of this journey now. We already have appointments to make :hearing, cardiologist, pediatrician, and everything else that goes along with being born at 29 weeks and 5 days & spending almost 7 weeks in the NICU. Please pray that she continues to grow as she should, and that her health & development won't be hindered from this early birth. We love you, and are so thankful to have friends and family who have cared during this long wait!


  1. Praise God! So happy for you guys to finally be bringing her home. Please remember that if you need any help once you get home (or before) that you can call me. I help mommies and babies learn to nurse all the time and after 5 years in the NICU, little bitty babies don't scare me! If you just need Landon to get out and play some....we can do that too!