It's almost here! Saturday is the March for Babies. We ( AND ESPECIALLY LUCY) would love to have all of our friends and family walk with us. This will be our 6th year walking as Team Lucy Loo. A few years we had several friends and family walking, one year just Luke and I and the kids, and this year we'd love to have a great group, especially as the ambassador family! It's not too late to join us if you don't have plans for Saturday morning. You don't have to do anything, just show up and walk with us! The walk is a great route downtown. It's only 2 miles. UNLESS you want to do the 5k, it's a regular sign up /registration fee. It will begin right before the walk.

Did I mention that Publix has breakfast to grab when you get there? There has usually always been yogurt, fruit, granola bars of some type, and waters and juice box/Capri suns.  I can't guarantee that exact thing, but there will be something!
Here are some FAQ:
You might need to look at that on a computer and zoom in good ;)

Luke and I will be arriving EARLY. We need to help with some things ( being on the Family Team Committee AND being the Ambassador team). Everything opens up around 8AM.  There is a kids' Superhero Sprint that my kids will be running in, then we will be speaking a little ( ahhh) on the stage before the walk. We spoke at a kick-off breakfast, did a radio interview, and now we will finish up with this! There are also several things others you can participate in.
*First, in the HOPE area, you can pick up an "I'm walking for____" sticker. You, of course, don't have to do any of this but feel free to participate in it all.  We are all connected to the March of Dimes in some way--whether your child spent time in the NICU, you have lost a baby, or just because you know Lucy or someone else that was premature.  There is also a WHY I WALK banner that you can sign.
* Second, in the remember area, there will be a wishing tree and a memory garden for the babies no longer with us. If you can't come, I'd still love to write your babies name in the garden. Text me Friday night and remind me!
*Third, in the celebrate area, have fun! There will be leis to wear, games to play, freebies to pick up, and activities for the kids!
There will be a T-shirt contest, so I'll need someone to go enter Team Lucy Loo for us! T-shirts WILL be here soon. When I pick them up, I will let you know. I will do my best to get them to you before the walk if you are walking with us.  Worst case ( because I was double checking 4 times to make sure everything was OK), I will have them Friday and might have to bring them with us. AND we will have a couple extra shirts if anyone else wants to purchase one. We will have a few youth and a few adult, $11 each.
We also would LOVE to get a team photo with everyone who comes to support us. There is a spot where we can get them made, and if we miss that, we can always do it ourselves. I'm a PHOTO PERSON, so someone MAKE sure this is done. =)
Plus, I love to add these to our yearly thank you cards we send out, and if you come support I want YOU included on it! 
Here is a map that shows how the parking lot is laid out. 
And there's nothing formal about this. It's all fun for a great cause. We usually bring up the tail end of the walk, but I think we MIGHT have to lead it? I don't remember exactly because we are never up there ;) Last year, I did the 5k and Luke and the 4 kids ate breakfast until I was done. BUT they were first in line for face painting and balloons. You know how long those lines get! Luke and I will also have to do some quick TV/news station interviews so we might disappear for a few minutes. But we will have our cell phones; there should be plenty of us in the group to find someone. 
I'm excited! And I'm thankful for friends and family that want to show support to Lucy and all the NICU babies and families.
I will warn you, this is always emotional for me. As with any walk ( cancer, heart, ALS) you will see MANY families with shirts In Memory. It all usually floods back. We are very thankful for Lucy, but we are well aware of those whose story didn't end like ours has. But it is a happy time, and Lucy loves it, and the kids always love to walk over "Lucy's Bridge".
If you have ANY questions, text me or call me or email me! 
Thank you so much for caring 💜
I think we are VERY close to meeting our goal, once we add our money donated by the fundraiser at Party Fowl. If you'd like to help us get there, the link is http:www.marchforbabies.org/lucyemilia

ALSO-- we will be going for brunch/lunch after the walk to Party Fowl. Feel free to join us! They always make a great effort to fundraise for us during March, and we love to say thank you. And I love some hot chicken & stuffed french toast!

And I know I've said this multiple times: You don't need a Team Lucy Loo shirt to join us. Just come =) 

If you bought a shirt, but won't be at the walk, make sure you post a photo on Social Media or send me a text  of you wearing it. Lucy loves to see them!