Sling Sharin'

While I was pregnant with #3 ( that was her name for a long while), I knew I would have to baby wear if I was going to be able to get anything done. I didn't baby wear with Landon, although I did try one type of pouch sling. But I knew right off the bat, it wasn't right. Then with Lucy, I would have done anything to be able to hold her and snuggle her for more than a few minutes a day those first 2 months, but of course it wasn't possible for her in the NICU. She came home on the apnea monitor, and I was terrified of her even falling asleep on me, the monitor picking up my heartbeat, and something happening to her and us not knowing. We continued the cluster care for awhile of feeding, changing, and holding every 3 hours, and let her be to sleep the rest of the time. I, unfortunately, had many other things on my mind with a preemie (developmental delays, moving, trying to transition to only nursing, and staying healthy ) that I didn't think about buying a wrap or sling. Once Ella came around, Luke got me a wrap and I loved to snuggle as much as possible with her! We now also have a double layer Sakura Bloom linen sling.

I've worn her Easter egg hunting, to the park, to the flea market, to baseball games, walking around downtown, at a pumpkin patch field trip,basketball games, to the doctor,trick or treating, and making dinner! She loves to be held, and I'm not ready to put her down quite yet!

We joined up in a Sling Share by Vienna Springs ring slings a few months ago. You could say the sling share is similar to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Each momma that is participating wears the sling, writes a little about it, takes some photos, and passes it on to the next. At the end the sling will be donated to a charity. The maker of Vienna Springs is Laura, & Mary is blogging about everyone's experience at light sleeper heavy dreamer . I know Ella is getting older, and even though she screams HOLD YOU when she sees the sling, I can't carry her for much longer. I was happy to get the sling towards the end, because I hadn't been able to hold her much at all really since I had my surgery. The sling had been broken in very well since I was towards the bottom of the list. I really think it is easier to adjust than our double layer linen that we own. I loved the idea of getting to try out a silk as well!  I loved the way that the silk felt as soon as I got it. I didn't really know what to expect, but I knew most everyone loves them. Ella wanted me to put it on as soon as she saw it.
 I have been using my sling on Saturday mornings during Landon & Lucy's basketball games. I go in wearing Ella, and then eventually let her down to play. We have 2 or 3 games, and it wears me out to try to watch and keep up with her, so it works out perfectly.
Of course when I got the sling, there was 1 or 2 regular days before Nashville got about 3" of ice, followed by snow, freezing temperatures, then more snow & ice & sleet to finish out the week! Every county around here was shut down for the whole week basically. Ice is tricky to drive on , for sure! I had a freak out moment one day with the suburban. Luckily I did not hit the truck and car parked in the street or any mailboxes. There were some neighbors out who were shoveling ice; they dug out around my back tires so I could back up, slide down through the yard, and scoot into my driveway.
We did happen get a few pictures 2 days before the ice came.
Lucy had donuts on her fingers, so she posed like this for a picture before her game.
When you baby wear, they should be close enough to kiss. Ella seems to think she should be close enough for coffee!
" Momma toffee!"

I had meant to send the sling on off to the next momma on Saturday, but I had a LuLaRoe party Saturday evening, and then the Post Office was closed by the time it was over. So after lunch on Sunday { PARTY FOWL NASHVILLE- BEST BRUNCH!!!}, we took a few shots by the painted wall on 12thS. Yes, I have on the same outfit--different week--same comfy clothes.
Our camera is not doing the best right now, so my low quality phone pics will have to do.
While Ella might be at the end of baby wearing in a sling, we could be having a newborn at any time now with Jonah's Journey.  I very well just might be purchasing one in the near future for foster babies. Now to just decide on a color.......
Thanks to Laura & Mary for including us! We loved using the Huckleberry sling.I definitely recommend Vienna Springs to all you new Mommas, or anyone looking for a more affordable {& pretty} carrier!


March for Babies

Somehow it is the middle of February, and I haven't blogged since Christmas! This always seems to happen this time of year. I will try to spend some more time in the next few days updating on birthdays, Christmas, the new year, basketball, Valentine's Day, Jonah's Journey, snow days, and anything else I've skipped over in the last 6 weeks!
While  most of us are thinking only about the ice and snow right now, 2 months from today is the March of Dimes Walk { the March for Babies}. We are walking again as Team Lucy Loo for the 4th year. We would LOVE to have all of our friends and families join us on that day. This year the walk is on a Saturday morning, April 18th, at  9 AM. There will be food and activities AFTER the walk this year, and it will be at L.P Field again. You don't have to do anything but show up and hang out! In the past there has been food, music, bounce houses, face painting, give away tables, and even Elsa & Anna were there last year. I'm on the family team planning committee, and I will know more about which other activities will be available later this week. Team Lucy Loo is also trying to have a few larger fundraiser than in the past, so stay tuned for those!
Click here for our Team Lucy Loo page.
If you have a business that you think would like to sponsor our team, please Email me! The Sponsorship levels go from $150 with your company name on a banner at the walk, up to $750 with your own private banner at the walk with your company logo and name. I have a sponsorship form I can mail, fax, or email to you. The sponsorship is completely tax deductible .
You can also help by purchasing a T-shirt. I will be ordering them in about 4 weeks, and then will distribute them when they come in. They are $10 each with a portion going towards the March of Dimes from Team Lucy Loo. Email me at Mrsemmahowell@gmail.com and let me know if you'd like to order one!
Thanks to everyone who has already ordered one, and thank you to those who have sent money to me already. If we can have 4 more ordered, we will be able to add $.50 more of each shirt towards our team fundraising!
Thanks to Halo Screen Printing and Embroidery for doing our shirts this year.