I must have been doing something for the past month! Every time I get the computer to get on it, I don't feel like it, or it's dead and I don't feel like getting the charger, or my brain is fried, or I will have just 30 minutes until my hungry baby will start to cry & I'd rather just stay where I am and be lazy.
This boy turned 4!

We've visited Santa.

We made a gingerbrad house.

This little lady turned 2!

We made teacher gifts.

We dressed cute for Landon's pre-school program.

Looked fancy for Christmas Sunday.

Had family in town for CChristmas.

Opened presents.


Visited family.

We grew!

And we just relaxed.

All this while realizing that Jan 4th is Luke's last day at his store before we head back to middle Tennessee.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!



Ella Ruth's hospital pictures weren't so impressive to me. This was my fault. I failed to take anything cute for the pictures. I did take a few bows, but then left them in my suitcase. I didn't have a cute swaddling blanket or any cute hats.Her hair. Oh, what messy hair. I've seen some really cute ones from friends from the hospital too!
I think I have decided that I do like #429 & the ones of me holding her hand and feet. Ok, maybe I do like the up close face ones =) I don't think I'm going to purchase them though, but those few are so sweet to me! Her album goes away this week =( But click the link (the words Ella Ruth's pictures) at the beginning of the post and use the password:

We had a little photo shoot at the house. Of course the day the light was good from outside, she didn't lay the right way, and she decided to do this :

OF course my favorite is not clear.

Sweet little girl


Ella Ruth Howell { picture overload }

Fresh out of Mommy's tummy =)

Chillin' in recovery with mommy.

Landon has been so excited. I was going to wait to have the kids come up until the next day. because of the time and transporting them, but we realized my family couldn't all come without them! I had my mom bring the kids to see me before I headed off to triage, thinking they wouldn't come until the next day. But of course we said for everyone to come back up! I just wanted to be able to see THIS face! He searched the entire room asking where Baby Ella was, and then he finally realized where she was!
Oh, Lucy! She was totally confused. She was shaking and scared. It took her until after I came home to realize that mommy's tummy is not named Baby Ella.
Family of 5.

Aunt Amanda & Elyssa stayed in town an extra day after I was admitted on Friday. Amanda stayed at the hospital with me both nights in Antepartum & after the ultrasound Sunday morning, decided they would just stay until the doctor came with an answer.

Proud Landon hopping in the picture with  Nana and Poppy.

Just hangin' with my baby.

little feet

1st hold


Heading home. Wearing the same outfit as her big sister did ( at 7 .5 weeks old ). I didn't get a picture of me leaving with the babe :( Fairly disappointed in that, but I ended up with a spinal headache , and was in severe pain when i left (and shouldn't have left, because I went back the next day) so this is our only leaving the hospital picture.

Baby Ella & Mommy- 9 days old! 1 day shy of 39 weeks. Had to take a picture with the chalkboard. 

I'll save the details about the whole experience for next time. Overall--the hospital didn't live up to Nashville's Baptist that I delivered the other 2 at.  It wasn't very personal at all once I got to the mother/baby unit. The beds were awful. I actually WANTED to leave the hospital earlier than I could have, and they tried to push me out so soon. The whole spinal headache and blood patch ordeal really threw me off & was NOT fun.
But we're all home and healthy and 11 days post surgery. C-section was scheduled for tomorrow actually, and her due date was 5 days from now! We are blessed and so thankful.
Time for her 1 AM feeding ;)