Day 46ish

Luke is at work, Landon is in bed, Lucy is in the NICU, and I'm laying in bed typing when I should be sleeping. Tonight didn't work out as planned: rooming in with Lucy in the NICU to be able to bring her home tomorrow. She had another spell last night while she was sleeping, and the nurses had to stimulate her to get her heart rate back up. We were JUST at the end of the count, but it is better it happened at the hospital and not at home while we are asleep and have no clue. She has had spells on me before so I know what the color change looks like, or what to look for, but it is still scary! She had one today also, but she brought herself back very quickly like she normally has been.
Her blood as been close to the transfusion mark for the past little bit, so they will check it again Monday. The Dr wanted just to let me know now, that if it is still borderline they might go ahead and do a transfusion to get it up. She was over 10 weeks early, and is still little, so it is a little rare that she hasn't had one yet. No, I haven't donated yet. It is just so hard to find time to do that and go to the hospital at a time when I can. I know many people have offered to help watch Landon, BUT fitting it around when Landon needs to be in bed for the night, times the NICU is closed, and getting there when she is eating is hard to get all scheduled together, not to mention around when I need to pump, and when Luke isn't at work.BUT tomorrow I am planning on getting to the hospital at 8am for her feeding ( which if you care to know includes me taking her temp., changing her diaper, trying to nurse, feeding a bottle, and then pumping ). I will call in the morning also to see if I can go donate tomorrow AM, and if it will be ready in time on Monday if needed for Lucy ( Luke swears we are both A+).Hopefully I can get all that done BEFORE Luke needs to leave for work at 11:30.
So, Lucy will HOPEFULLY come home in a few more days. The count started over again, but since before this one it was over a week since the last spell, and a few weeks before that, she might come home with an apnea monitor mid week. We will see after her blood work on Monday.
At this point the apnea is connected to just prematurity. It is not thought to be connected at all to the holes in her heart. It is just another hurdle for preemies to overcome, and the closer to her due date, the better it will get!
I left the camera in the Nitro, so I will just add one from my phone from today. She was starting to fall asleep today with her paci while I was leaving.

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