Lucy is almost five!

{ I'm trying to type this on my phone, I'm not a fan of that at all! If my photos don't show up , I'll fix them later .}

It was 70 degrees in Nashville today! Five years ago today Luke, Landon,& I sat at Olive Garden after church ( 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant), and we watched the snow fall. It was gorgeous!

But my legs were numb.

I sent a picture to my friend Leslie and my sister of my feet. They knew something was up, but all I was worried about was my baby getting to enjoy the snow! Our Sunday school progressive Dinner had been canceled, so we went out for a few minutes and took a few photos .

I woke once during the night with a terrible right side pain. I took a bath that relieved it. The next morning was a fast blur of my face swelling, a headache , taking my ( very high) blood pressure, calling the nurse a few times ,& rushing into L&D with severe pain and not being able to even think (and the widows down on the way). We all know what happened next, I could  retell the details forever . I was ultimately rushed into the OR, ignoring the NICU that said to wait on the twins being born , because I said ( or said VERY LOUDLY) to Luke that we needed to go back now because I was dying . I had an amazing nurse that I'm sure heard my cry,& am so glad my OB was on call. My doctor's face during the whole thing isn't one I'll forget either . He was worried . Then after delivery there were other complications with bruising or something on my uterus , so I laid open for a good long while until another specialist could come from across the street and check me out. We had a good talk about what could have been -- but nothing in detail, just that he was glad I hadn't come an hour later. He kept saying something to me about not dancing without the music, but I didn't really put that together with a seizure.
Now this whole time , Luke is gone . I'm only with my OB, some nurses ,& the anesthesiologist. I was certain my 2 pound baby was not with us . No one mentioned her . They only kept asking how I was , so I was trying to ignore it and make conversation with my doctor. I think I must have been absolutely delirious once I got into the OR. I had been in so much pain , basically my liver was large. It had no way of getting any bigger . I just kept crying that I just needed the pain gone. The nurses kept saying that only taking the baby could do that. I kept asking my doctor to do the spinal,& he looked at me and said he was sorry that there was no way the spinal would take away that pain . My pain was all the way up into my shoulder , but miraculously as soon as I laid down on the table , it was all gone.
After surgery I don't even think I went  to recovery,but I actually don't remember any of that. I remember the first time I saw Luke I had  tried to hint at 'What's going on?', since no one had mentioned Lucy yet. They were all concerned with working on me. He was smiling and happy and brought me pictures from the nurses of baby Lucy. I think my family had made it from KY and my friend Leslie was there. It was a long night  across the hall from the nurses desk in L&D. I remember trying to text someone and that dang magnesium had me so messed up, it took me an hour to turn my phone on. My blood pressure was still in the 170s/120s , they needed her full name to start social security and SSI and get her on TennCare, some friends came to visit because they didn't know what had happened ,I had to start pumping milk sometime in the next few days( I was NOT going to pump this time .ugh) ,& my 2 year old wanted to see me. I just wanted to sleep, but my mind wouldn't stop.
The 14th of December would be even more of an adventure !
Now, it's time to make a birthday cake for my FIVE year old's birthday tomorrow!


Ella Ruth is 3!

 3 years ago! My baby is growing up.

A lot of people say they have no clue what they would be doing without their children. I, quite actually, know if Ella Ruth was not here that we would be doing a LOT less cleaning. We wouldn't be vacuuming and mopping the dining area multiple times a day, we wouldn't be watching a TV with smudgy fingerprints ( and sometimes crayon) on it, we wouldn't be cleaning up bits of paper from the suburban ( everyday), we wouldn't be taking socks and shoes in after every drive, and we wouldn't be waking multiple times a night by her crying or climbing into our bed.
BUT we also wouldn't be laughing so much. This little girl is so funny. She says the craziest things, and she knows she is funny. She constantly laughs, even when she is in trouble. And she says things when it is absolutely inappropriate. And we absolutely laugh when we shouldn't. She is a very sneaky little girl, and she keeps us on our toes. She is what they call everything I never knew I wanted.
She turned 3 the day before Thanksgiving, and we celebrated on Saturday night with Landon ( he will be 7 THREE days, and if you see him, he will ask you if you know what happens then).
This is from her 1st birthday =)

Big girl turning 2!
Happy 3rd!