1 month old

Today is January 13th, 2011.
Lucy Emilia is 1 month old!
Little Lucy decided to take  longer gaining weight at the beginning, so the time frame of 4-5 weeks the doctors initially told us is looking to be extended. We have known the entire time that it would all just depend on her & how quickly she progressed. But she has remained healthy the entire time! We are so blessed and thankful for that! She is currently 3 pounds 9 1/2 ounces, and she has moved up to eating a WHOLE OUNCE OF MILK at each feeding! That's 8 ounces a day! We might not have too many more pictures of her in the isolete, because she might be gaining fast from here on and moving to an open bed....which also means WEARING CLOTHES!!!! It is so enjoyable to go and sit with her at the hospital. Wether she is asleep in her bed or in my arms, it is so peaceful to be with her. I'm really hoping for just 2 more weeks of this, at the most. She is starting to show more intrest in the bottle at each feeding, and I really believe it will just 'click' here soon. She can suck very well, she can breathe great while she sucks, she just still isn't quite sure what this wet stuff is in her mouth. And sometimes she doesn't even care, and just wants her belly full!
Thank you again for all the thoughts and prayers! We really appreciate everything--the cards, calls, gift cards, food--EVERYTHING! It is so wonderful to know that we are loved and cared for.It's still hard to be away from her and know that someone else is taking care of our child all day, every day. Someone else has been raising our baby for an entire month now. People told us not to worry that it would go by quickly--well it hasn't =) It's been way too long of a month, but we know that there is a greater purpose for all of this, there is a reason we don't know or can't see right now. And we might never know why things are the way they are.We know that God has his hand over sweet little Lucy while she is away from us,and we know that he has been there to provide comfort to us when we needed it the most. She is already bringing such joy to our family, and she isn't even home with us yet! She is such a little miracle, and we are so proud to be her parents. We are so happy to have her, and can't wait to show her off! Landon has been talking about his baby and the doctors more and more everyday, and sometimes asks as we're leaving the hospital why baby Lulu isn't with us. He is so sweet and kindhearted, and has been SUCH a wonderful blessing to us as well. He has helped Mommy through a lot the past few weeks. I can't wait to be in public and be able to show that I am a Mommy of 2 to both of these wonderful children!

{mommy might not have a newborn at home, but she still only gets about 4 good hours of sleep in a row. I might not like the every 3 hour eating schedule she will be on. Landon came home eating every 4 hours, and shortly went to 6 at night...... }

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