The kiddos

Landon's imagination is ridiculous. He flies around the house with his buzz lightyears *buuuu yightyear*, making crazy sounds and noises.  He does the same with his Lightning Mcqueen and The King racecars. He has also started repeating like EVERY word we say, even if only we understand him. The other day Luke was commenting on the Carnival Kia's dude's wife, and said WHOA, she got a boob job! It's pretty obvious on the commercial. And Landon screamed out BOOB JOB! We started dying laughing, so of course he started laughing hysterically at himself, running around, and yelling BOOB JOB! He hasn't said it since though.
Luke and I headed to the hospital this morning before he had to go to work, and Landon ran to the front door saying "baby", then ran up to Luke and said "Nandon ( he refers to himself as Landon right now, but he can't say his L's) bye bye.Thank you, Daddy!"
He's been shuffled around between all different people the past 2 1/5 weeks, but not it's just Mommy, Daddy, and Landon. I think we need to get into some type of REGULAR, whatever that is for the next few weeks. I know all of my Doctors said to rest as much as possible while she is in the NICU because it's ALL me when she gets home, but I feel like I've depended on people way too much the past almost 3 weeks.If I'm never here by myself with Landon, I'd just stay in my bed all day long. It's just too comfy! And it just feels too good.

Seriously you'd think that without a newborn, we'd be able to sleep all night.  I'm trying to get about 5.5-6 hours  a night from a little after 1am until 7ish. But, it's just turning into more like 3 hours a night. Too much thinking is going on.I had done SO well about not thinking about what could still happen. When I was on the operating table, my Dr. was waiting on a 2nd opinion about some bruising on my uterus, and I laid there talking to him and carrying on conversations while we waited, and then while he sewed me up. Not ONE person had mentioned the baby since they took her out. I heard people coming in whispering, and I just knew that as soon as i got rolled out, they were going to tell me she hadn't made it.Finally a while after I was back in the L&D room getting pumped with Mag., Luke came in. I was so scared to ask him anything, but finally asked him how everything was. I never worred since then about her. It was just TOO much to even think about. That's part of the reason I wasn't able to go see her until the day I did, I had to relax and keep my BP down, and I couldn't handle it at the time--besides the time when I pysically wasn't allowed to go.But I asked Luke the other night if he worries when we're not there that something is going to happen to her.Luke said he is more worried that something will happen while we are there, and we will have to see something we don't want to. The past 2 times I have held her, we've had to put her back into her bed early because she was just getting tired, and her saturation kept dropping. One time her heart rate went way down too.  It's not fun to be holding your child, and a nurse has to come mess with her to get her back on track. The nurse checked to make sure I was remembering to breathe after it all too. She hasn't had too many spells that the nurses have had to go stimulate her, but she did have one again last night that they had to record.
Overall, she is still doing great. She still needs to grow and get stronger. The bigger she gets, the stronger she will get. Then she will be able to breathe better, suck and try a bottle, and be closer to coming home. She did move spots today though. She was in the back, the most critical area, and moved up to the front today. She is now with a nurse that shares 3 babies! Basically there is nothing wrong with her, she is just on a little oxygen still ( I think they said .1 ), but they just need to 'feed her and grow her'. Or they said she is a 'feeder and grower', they both mean the same thing I guess anyways.We're still sitting right about 2 pounds 14.3 ounces.
It's still crazy how small her body is. When the nurses take her out to hand her to me or Luke, she is just SO tiny. It's like a tiny animal they are wrapping up. I think Luke got it on video today!We've gotten some smiles from her the past few days. She can make some really cute faces, and she can make some really goofy weird faces too!

smile--but a goofy newborn cross-eyed face too.

sweet sleeping face

licking her blanket
wearing a preemie hat

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