Landon is always

hopping like a frog or rabbit. ALWAYS. I'm not sure when he started doing it, sometime after I had Lucy. and we're not sure if he is being a frog or a rabbit at all.He is so crazy.He is starting to ask if he can play every time we drive up around Same Ridley--the way to the Y. I feel bad for canceling the membership. He played there 5 days a week for at least an hour, and now he is just stuck at home with me. I was just thinking today that Monday is my 6 week checkup, and hopefully after that I can get back to the Y. Then I remembered we can't. Hopefully in a few months. I want to for sure get through RSV season before I take Landon into such a germy place, I don't want him bringing anything home to her. And Even if I need to get back into workouts before April, I can always join back and just go when Luke is home from work.
Landon in the NICU waiting room with Daddy
Lucy got moved into a regular bed Thursday. She kept her temperature up and gained weight, so they have quit adding the extra calories into her milk. She is up to 35 ml per feeding, and the Dr ordered by mouth or tube at every feeding( not just try whenever to see who she will do). Right now we are at every other feeding by bottle. And is is just SO worn out after that bottle until it's time for the next. She is also wearing clothes now =) Tomorrow they will try 2/3 feedings by bottle. We will see how it goes!
Her 1st outfit
It's late, and the nights are very short. Keep her little body in your prayers still. And keep our minds and heart in them too. 40 days is along time. We know it's one day closer to having her home though!

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