Marching for Babies

It's that time again!!! March for Babies is coming up in just 2 months! April 21st at Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee is the march we will be participating in. If you are our friends or family, PLEASE come join our team and come walk with us! We want to have a large team and show our support to the March of Dimes, the preemies who are there,the babies still fighting in the NICU, and the ones who didn't make it. Team Lucy Loo's page can be viewed by clicking the team name. You can also click on the badge below to make a donation or to join our team.
If your local company or business would like to sponsor our family team, let me know! Your company will have advertising on a banner or sign at the walk. It's a tax deductible donation , starting at $100, and I can get the form to you.

Also,Keep this little preemie in your prayers: Chase's blog
Mommy was a great friend in college, my ball teammate, and my twin.
After 3 weeks of trying to get it set up, we finally have Internet again! I will hopefully get back to this more often. I'm still trying to make a quilt for Lucy to match Ella's decor, get clothes entered and tagged for a consignment sale, unpack the last few boxes, oh and watch 3 kids!
While I'm sharing friends' baby blogs, check this one out!
I meant to post it a few weeks ago, but of course we didn't have Internet yet. And I'm not a fan of posting from the IPhone or IPAD.

A few pictures:
Of course, continuing with the same chalkboard that marked my weekly belly. I'm trying to keep up with her monthly progress on it.

IT SNOWED!!! It lasted about 45 minutes ;) And knowing that it was forecasted to rain later in the day and reach 45 degrees, we let the kids play for a few minutes before heading out.

We had a great little Valentine's day with the kids. They woke up to their balloons and small gifts. They are each still playing with their balloon today! I will upload the pictures of the girls' dedication later. Right now, all 3 are in their beds or are asleep, and I'm going to finally take advantage and close my eyes......but now Ella is stirring......story of my life!


This one had the bug first. She is NOW a snuggler AND she asks to be rocked at night. Actually she yells ROCK ME!!! until you go see her. Who would have thought something good would come from this nasty bug? 
Ignore the way I look. This was a long, drawn out process of all 3 kids being sick, mommy & daddy with nausea, headaches, the D word,& fever. We need OUT!


February 3rd

I haven't blogged in about a month! The week before we moved, I was too busy being stressed, getting sick (from being stressed), attempting to pack,& deal with a newborn and a 2&4 year old. And we don't have Internet hooked up yet at the house. But we will soon!

The snow this morning reminded me of how the snow started the day before Lucy was born ( 12-12-10) & the numerous snows we actually got that winter while she was in the NICU. Apparently they were awesome -- I have some pictures of them. But as a snow lover, I really paid no attention to them, nor did I ever really take time to sit & enjoy the beauty of the snow.

We let the kids run and play this morning before we headed out to run errands and go to HD kids workshop. It only lasted about 2 minutes because they were freezing, but I'm trying to let them (and myself) enjoy being kids as much as I can. I also knew this snow would be gone before we even would pull back in the driveway 3 hours later. 
February 3rd.
2 years ago on this night , Luke & I were rooming in with our sweet little 4 pound something baby girl. We were beyond ecstatic to be taking her home, but I know I was terrified to be taking her home! We didn't know what the future would hold for our little one who entered the world far too soon--we didn't know how even an apnea monitor, pumping & feeding & weaning off a bottle, or even taking care of a preemie would be like at home. AT HOME-- without Leslie & Kimberly & April & Meggie & Elliot &  Erica & Tanya & Rachael & Pam & Mary & Betty Rose & Dr K or Dr R or Dr. H, and all the other nurses and doctors and respiratory therapists just feet away.

December 13th will ways be her special day. She will count down every year to her birthday. But February 3rd will always be a special day for her daddy & me! There are so many milestones she has hit in these past 2 years and I just know she will surprise us in so many more ways in the years to come. I'm so thankful for how far she has come, and I'm so thankful to be two years out! The worry, the anxiety, the fear, the guilt ( ok , that's a longer process) have almost all disappeared. Two years ago tonight, I was setting my alarm for 2am, 5 am, & 8 am to change diaper, feed,& pump. I was TRYING to sleep. I had a Chris Thomlin pandora station on. I was begging and praying for her not to have any spells. And I was pretty much in the most uncomfortable bed EVER :) Tonight I dried my baby's long hair before laying her in her own bed. So much has changed! We always always think back to where we started, and remember how many of our prayers have been answered.
Tonight I am SO thankful for Lucy.