7 years 8-14-11

Wedding 2004

2005 ( Sparky & Nicole's wedding)


 summer 2007--1 of my all time fave pics

Summer 2008 Courtney & Nathan's wedding in La Jolla




Luke had to open at work for our anniversary. So,I took the kids to church and Sunday school & we came home for lunch and naps. We got packed up into the car and headed tot he Wilson County fair when he got home from work. We ended up getting there about 4:30 and got home around 2 A.M. Yes, 2 A.M! We had so much fun, rode rides with Landon, ate cotton candy, drank a LOT of sweet tea, watched some interesting shows and music, looked at some stinky animals, and just enjoyed walking around together all night. If you grow up in Kentucky, you know how big the Ky state fair is. You go multiple times. You spend all day and night looking at everything. You ride everything in the midway and 6 flags. You try all the new food. You talk to Freddy =) You ride the tractor tram around. You watch armadillos race. You get a little kid license after riding the big wheels. You go to free concerts. It's something that you love, and I want my kids to have a great time as well--look forward to that one day that we stay out all day and night, and have an enjoyable time as a family!
Well, back to the 2 A.M. thing. We got back to the car around 11:00. Landon was about worn out, and Lucy had been asleep since 9ish. We packed up the car, tried to start it and everything turned off. No one had jumper cables. Still no one had jumper cables. Finally, someone was trying to help us, with rusted corroded old cables. They had kids that had to go to school in the morning, and after about 30 minutes of them trying, their family coming to try to help, their kids flagging down someone else to try their cables, we gave up. They had to go home because it was after midnight. Luke called his brother, and explained to him what was going on and he told him to try to tap on the started. That meant crawling under the Nitro. Luke was HOPING he meant under the passenger side because....well after 6 hours of walking around, not using the restroom, and drinking about 5 sweet teas, we had to go. So we opted for opening both doors on the driver's side and going there.  Thankfully he told him it was on the passenger side.  Well, eventually 2 carnival workers drove up. To make this story shorter, they worked on it a little, drove back to get some more things, CRAWLED under the DRIVER side, used their battery, finally got ours jumped, and sent us on our way-at about 1:30. YAY!The lights flashed every other second, and the car dinged along with.But it was working for the time being. Of course we broke down at a stoplight right in front of providence. No car lights were working, and we stopped in the middle of an intersection! Luke got the Nitro pushed out of the road as much as he could with flip flops on, and a truck turned around and stopped. He had been fishing at the lake, and was a little inebriated, but thank goodness he was there! a cop came by a few minutes later, and the truck needed to go ;) He had gotten us started back up, and we drove the rest of the way home. We didn't hit any red lights until we had to make a left run. We opted for a right and U-turned in Murf. road. Luke got a new battery on Monday night, and the car is working again. It made for a great story, and we had a good night despite the car troubles. Happy anniversary to us!


good morning from our 8 month old!

Sorry it is sideways, it send it that way from my phone.
Well, we've made it 8 months with this little sweetie! What a long way we have come from December 13th! Many prayers have been answered as my body has healed, Lucy stayed healthy without any infections in the NICU, she CAME HOME, she has been progressing physically & developmentally, she does not have any disabilities that we know of at this time, and she is making us so very haaaaapppppy!

We are staying busy busy & August doesn't look any different! Tonight we are heading to a going away party for our friends, Justin and Rebekah. They are heading to L.A. in about a week. We are so very sad that they are moving, but so very excited for them!
I stole this from your FB, hope you don't mind ;)

Tomorrow is our 7 year anniversary! We won't be able to celebrate really this weekend because Luke has to open tomorrow.We are planning on going 'away' for a night in 2 weekends. Luke forgot he had 1 week of vacation left to use before next week, so he sort of just lost it. He is going to be able to take a few days here and there before September though--he is in charge of inventory again. His 60 hour work weeks are long gone for a month. We'll see him sometime around October! Anyways, happy 7 years!

A few months before the wedding. Ok, well we were only engaged from aboutMay 21st-August 14th. So I guess I should say a few weeks before the wedding
In 2 weekends, we also have Lucy's NICU birthday party @ Baptist. We're so excited to show off our sweet little girl to all the people who took care of her for us for almost 2 months. Ah, I 'm still in shock every time I think that we have to live almost 2 months without her here in the house with us. I still feel guilty about how little time I was able to spend with her there. I know there are mothers that sit up in the ICU ( P or N) every hour possible. It was just a very hard time--hard to see her so little, hard to hear her monitors beeping, hard to work around other people's work schedules, hard to work around Luke's work schedule, and hard to work around Landon. I didn't really want anyone else to see her like this either. I didn't want her to be treated like a circus act--a  2 pound baby!!! I did go see her every day, and for the most part I was only allowed to hold her 1 time a day. Even when we brought her home we continued the cluster care and only 'messed' with her when she ate. Since their bodies are so immature, they can't be overstimulate by touch or sound or anything. That is another major reason, besides body heat, that we could only hold her for so little of a time. And then if she had not had a good day or just had her vitamins, we couldn't hold her at all.  So when we/I did go and we couldn't hold her ( or had already had our 10 minutes of holding) we cupped 1 hand on her head & 1 on her booty.
This picture was about 5 weeks old. It was always so hard to leave my sweet baby, and brings tears to my eyes still. We are SO VERY THANKFUL for all the wonderful nurses and Drs who loved our sweet baby like their own! We excited to see some other little miracles at the party, some of whom we watched grow as well in the NICU.
I also go back to Dr. W next week. He wants to do some final blood work on me after the HELLP syndrome. Once again, we're reminded of how thankful we are as the "morbidity and mortality rates associated with the syndrome have been reported to be as high as 25 percent". We'll see what all he has to say, and ask any other questions we still have.
I FINALLY made Landon a dentist appointment. I have been meaning to since December. He is excited to go, and just has to wait about 2 more weeks. Maybe we can find out if his tumor removal will affect his back molar.I'm not sure if there is anything else we can squeeze into August!


baby steps & running shoes

FINALLY, after 3 weeks of trying cereal with Lucy, she is pushing it to the back of her mouth ! She is able to eat a lot more than a tablespoon, and I don't have to wipe it all off her face, put it back in her mouth, and take a good 5+ minutes to eat all of it. We will start with a veggie this week. I'm hoping to meet up with a friend to steam, puree,  freeze a good amount for our babies.

Luke got me a new pair of running shoes!Which means I need to start running again for real? At least I have a new pair of workout shoes at least. As gross as this is, I never thought about it until a few years ago on Oprah that wearing the same shoes you work out in is NOT acceptable to wear around anywhere else. That's actually gross. Especially if you have sweaty feet-stinky or not. In high school and college, we had shoes that we played in. But I did no other working out other than with the team. Then in basketball league since then I've had shoes to play in, but I didn't work out in them. Anyways, just know when you see me that I didn't work out in the same shoes I'm wearing . I got my last pair before the Mini marathon in 2010. I'm sure I put the mileage on it recommended before getting another pair. I wore these today for some cardio & I love them too! Landon hasn't had a pair of tennishoes since around the spring. We were just going to let him wear his dress shoes and
flip flops until the fall. But we hit an awesome sale at Swag's--on accident really. We were drinking coffee at McDonald's & letting the kids play, and we saw the line wrapped around the building, all the boxes stacked, and realized what was going on. We bought mine and Landon's for almost 1/2 of what I paid for just my running shoes last year. YAY!



Knee deep in the water somewhere. . .

Got the blue sky breeze blowin' wind thru my hair
Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair
Sunrise there's a fire in the sky
Never been so  happy
Never been so high
and I think I might have found my own piece of paradise

I took the kids back to Orlando ( 3rd trip since the 1st week in May) last week. I actually rode along with my parents and niece. We had a great time with family eating, going to the beach, playing with cousins, swimming in some pools,and just being away! My kids travel great, I think. We have to stop every few hours to feed Lucy, but it gives Landon a chance to get out and run around, milk an enormous fake cow,play checkers at cracker barrel, look at gators at a rest area, watch a kid have a seizure in the play place at chick fil a, get peach ice cream at an orchard-- you know the normal road trip things ;)

After 3 trips to Florida, an Atlanta trip to watch my cousin play basketball, and a few trips to Louisville or the farm, we are done for the summer. Well, except back to Louisville this weekend for a HS reunion.

Mind on a permanent vacation
The ocean is my only medication
Wishing my condition ain't never gonna go away