Where has the time ( AND MY BELLYBUTTON) gone?

I've been so buys with normal day to day things,  I've been trying to add in crafts and baby room things, and getting the last few things caught up from the move that I haven't even sat down at a computer lately. I put some pictures on Facebook yesterday, then was too tired to do anything else, and the kids always wake up as soon as I start something new. 
I'll start with pictures from Halloween and all of those festivities! Landon and Lucy dressed up to go to church the Wednesday before. Here are a few pictures from Pumpkinfest.

They had a great time trick or treating in the dark down the halls, and then playing games in the gym afterwards. This was week 33 for me with baby #3!

 Luke also had a birthday on the 27th. He turned 31! I feel so young in my 20's still, with so many of my friends in their 30's ;)

 We carved pumpkins last week with our friends too. We're so thankful they finally let everyone know that they are expecting baby #4! They are our friends who we did the heart walk with last month, and delivered their last baby( about 14 months ago) after finding out he had already gone on to heaven. Everything looked good on his ultrasound, so keep them in your prayers for peace of mind until bay comes in march!

I let the kids paint my belly on Halloween before Landon went to pre-school for his party. I did this with Landon when Lucy was in my belly. I'll try to find a picture to compare it to--although it was quite earlier in the pregnancy.

I'm anxious to know how big this baby is! I still think I'm in denial about there being a human being in me, but when I look at pictures, my belly is BIG!

We went trick or treating inside since we had already done pumpkinfest and Landon had a party at school. We visited my grandma, grandpa, and great aunt after the kids woke up from naps.

On to the progress in the baby room!
I HAVE FINISHED THE QUILT! I had some rough times at the end, threatened to just throw it all in the trash, and made a few mistakes. It is what it is. I'm hoping it doesn't all unravel anytime soon! If you ever see it, just don't look at the binding up close!( best tutorial for binding: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2010/07/piecing-and-binding-quilt.html) . It was actually an easy quilt, and could be done really in 2 or 3 sittings after the kids are in bed. It would have been easier if my hip and pelvis weren't in so much pain.
Finally pieced & sewn together.

All 3 layers sandwiched & pinned, ready to cut the edges & sew!

Quilting it together! I don't really know what to do, so I just did the stitch in the ditch on every horizontal seam.
Complete! The zebra looks darker on my phone pictures-- it's all grays, light pinks, & white.
Her room is also painted gray, the dresser is starting to get sanded before we paint it white, & the bed should be in next week!
Quilt, bumper, sheet, mattress, & gray walls.

White dresser with light pink drawer pulls.


I had a few days earlier this week where I had a pretty bad headache, was dizzy and lightheaded, thought someone was throwing glitter in front of my eyes ( shiny floaters), and had some elevated BP. These are ALL signs and symptoms of the wonderful Pre-E. They are also all signs of just being 34 weeks pregnant, having 2 other kids, or being dehydrated, or many other things. I went on in today instead of next week to check on things. My urine was still good, my BP was higher ( not enough to do anything right now), and  I was measuring OK. I always get confused on my weight and freak out that I've gained a lot. I'm not worried about gaining a lot, but a big jump in weight in a week or so is another big sign of bad things. I had only gained 3 pounds in about 2 weeks--more than I have been gaining, but I've only worked out 3 times in the past 3 weeks basically and have pigged out. I go back in 2 weeks and will have an ultrasound before my doctor visit as well. We are going to go ahead and check fluid level because of my issues with Landon, and make sure that baby is still doing ok, & just check because of the 'what if's' that could be happening or could happen in the next few weeks. My doctor will be going on vacation for 10 days I think he said, to his other home--the one in Key West-- the day after my next visit. I WENT INTO THE WRONG PROFESSION--I'd love to have another home to spend Thanksgiving in! I honestly DON'T think I will still be pregnant around Thanksgiving, just because of things looking as if they are beginning to get started up. I could be wrong, and if I am, I hope I will last until after he comes back. I trust other doctors at the practice. He just know EXACTLY what I went through, to what extent everything was, and exactly why I might be asking for some anxiety medicine if we deliver because of my BP and it doesn't go down quickly after the baby is out.
I've also taken my big self and baby to the chiropractor two times this week and will go back tomorrow. My pelvis and hip are still not feeling good, but I have slept the past 3 nights without waking up from the pain. 
At the longest, we will be holding a baby girl 5 weeks FROM TODAY!
Keep up the prayers that this baby gets fully developed and that my body will handle this the correct way!
I'll add more pictures next week when the bed comes in and we get the room set up! 
Next on the to -do list: work on another art/craft for her wall and wash and hang up baby girl clothes!

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