Bedding is done.....for now.

All of the sewing is complete! I think I'll re-do the bed skirt later, and attach it to a deck to sit under the mattress. Right now, I just sewed some ribbon onto the top of the panel, and tied it to the spring part of the bed. It doesn't look the best, but it will work for now.
The tiered  ruffled bed skirt was probably the first thing I saw ( on pinterest, of course) that I knew I wanted to have for the baby room. BED SKIRT TUTORIAL =)

The skirt doesn't hit the floor, but once the bed is lowered I won't have to worry about all the pretty fabric just piled up on the floor. That bugged me so bad with Landon's.

I haven't put all of the 'art' into the picture frames yet, but one is completely finished. They rest are sewn and waiting to go in.
Each of the frames are different, but they all have the gray and white damask and the sheet fabric in them. I got the fitted sheet at Target, and it came in a package made from the same fabric as the sheet itself. I saved it assuming that I'd find some way to work it into the room too. I bought 3 frames for about $2.00 each and Luke painted them pink for me. It's the same pink that is on the drawer pulls on the dresser, and the pink is also on the last 2 letters of her name to go onto the wall.

It's officially Sunday now that it's after midnight. That means tomorrow is the next doctor appointment, and we will get another look at miss Ella Ruth. On Monday I'll add my 36 week belly/chalkboard picture and ultrasound pictures. 

WOOPS! I forgot week 35 picture last week:
A little sleepy after a long day ;) It was midnight when we took it.

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