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Yay, done!

Do you see her beautiful dresser? Luke finished painting it white, and spray painted the drawer pulls pink! It's so tiny and cute! I love it! It was a good $20  find on Craigslist.
The day before Thanksgiving marked 37 weeks! Back and forth to the doctor's office 3 times in 7 days, and then we headed to the L&D triage for another scan on Friday. My amniotic fluid level was about the same or dropped to about 4.9 cm. Anything under 5 is in the range considered too low. The measurements can be off depending on who does them, how the baby is laying, and many other things. The baby is still doing great with her heart rate and movements and is passing every test. The doctor who came to talk to me ( The on-call doctor. I haven't seen mine in over 10 days because he has been on vacation, and he has no clue anything that I've been doing) wasn't sure what to do. He agrees with many other doctors that 38 week babies are much better off than 37 week babies. So, he decided that he would just keep me at the hospital, hooked up to an IV, doing a non-stress test on baby 2 times a day, and then we will re-scan on Sunday. Hopefully the IV fluids will re-hydrate me and kick my placenta into gear, and I will go home. But if it doesn't end up that way, then I'm not too sure what I will do! I am for sure getting a tubal during this c-section. Every new doctor that I have seen ( 4 in the past week), has asked me if I am sure. We didn't want to take any chances after Lucy. That didn't work out as planned. But now that we are here, I just still don't think my body is up to  this whole pregnancy thing! I have 2, most likely 3, perfectly healthy kids! But I don't want to wear and tear my insides any more. Now who is to say we would ever conceive again anyways? But we said that THIS time around. Our chances of conception without medical intervention were very low. I'll just stay safe rather than sorry. This is just too much stress for me, and it's hard to take care of your kids while they are vomiting when you can hardly get up off the floor. It's hard to see your (almost) 4 year old cry when he has to leave you at 'the doctors'. And, whoa, I can't handle Lucy's screeching/screaming at home, much less in a hospital room!
The baby measured right around 6 pounds and 3 ounces again yesterday, so she probably will be a smaller girl either way. Like I said with the other 2, my body just doesn't grow big babies--despite their parents large sizes of over 8 1/2 pounds and over 9 pounds. I'm totally find with waiting to closer to 38 weeks. Safe delivery is what I want, and healthy would be awesome too! I think we all know WAY too many people who deliver 35,36,37 weeks who take their perfectly healthy babies home. BUT I've also walked through a NICU with 38 week, 8 pound babies on antibiotics, ventilators, and struggling. 
I'm bored out of my mind. I'd rather be at home taking down all the orange and pumpkins and fall decorations, putting up the kids' small trees in their rooms with them, and decorating the tree together in the living room. Even if I go ahead and have baby tomorrow, then I still won't be home until Wednesday or Thursday of next week. UGH.If I get sent home tomorrow then I will be able to get all the decorations done! We've already bought the kids' birthday and Christmas gifts, so we won't have to worry about that.  I'm just not sure how all of this newborn stuff and Landon's birthday the week after will play out, if she comes tomorrow. I'm still not ready for 3 kids! I'm still not ready for surgery, a spinal, surgery, catheter, surgery,or having surgery. My surgeries have all gone great, I just have tried not to think about it at all because of what all happened AFTER surgery with Lucy. I'm pretty sure my BP is going to stay under control this time, but then again my body is weird! And I know plenty of people who have had to go back into the hospital or have had to stay longer due to hypertension AFTER baby.

Lucy news: Her speech teacher--or toy doctor as Landon called her-- came last week, and did another evaluation on her. This little nugget who tested at like 6-9 months for speech and comprehension at 15 months old tested between 2 years and 6 months and 2 years and 11 months at 23 months old  ( corrected age of 21 months)!!! She is almost at a year advanced right now ;) She's AmAzInG! We did miss her last hearing test at Vandy in September  .We totally forgot about it. They did send us a notice in the mail.....that we got the Monday after her Friday appointment. She's been messing with her right ear for a while now. I've almost taken her in to the doctor several times, but then she acts fine. It also is a little on the gross side! ( I love that she looks at stuff now and says EW GROSS!) Everything that I've read has said that the color of what comes out of their ear isn't that important, but I think maybe she needs it seriously CLEANED OUT! Hopefully they will do that for me at her next well visit. I finally scheduled them(Landon & Lucy) both, on the same day, the day after her birthday.  I think some of her words are a little nasally, like she isn't hearing them correctly. It could all just be her age and that her ears are gross. :) But anyways, she is caught up and beyond where she needs to be!

A few more pictures from the week:
Chilling Thanksgiving night watching Shrek 

LOVE these cupcakes!

Visiting tonight.

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