36 weeks

I've been meaning to write every day, but I never get to it. I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago after having some shiny floaters & dizziness & lightheaded ness. Everything was still good, & we scheduled my next visit for Thursday the 15th for an ultrasound & doctor visit. My primary (high risk) doctor wanted to check on baby to make sure everything was still ok , because of complications from both previous pregnancies. So we had an ultrasound yesterday . It seemed like we were back 4 years ago with Landon . She just kept moving the wand thing over the belly everywhere & I'm not an ultrasound tech or sonographer or whatever they are, but there were no pockets of fluid to measure! I knew that meant it was low. She did finally find 2 spots to measure,& I am on the lowest side of normal. Because of Landon's rapid drop from 7 to 0, we will be back on Monday to re-check. Baby Ella is measuring about 6 pounds & 5 ounces right now ( give or take the pound it can be off). She was moving enough & passed all the 'tests' that she needed to. She was very low, and I wasn't sure they'd be able to measure her head, but we finally got it!
Everything at the doctor office was good with me-- my belly is measuring small, but we had just had the ultrasound , so no surprise with that.
The closer we get, the more thankful I am. But I am also getting more anxious. The last hospital stay was NOT one I like to think about. I don't want to think about surgery. I don't want to think about my emotions if my Bp is elevated at all. I don't want to think about the following 2 days after surgery of making sure everything goes back down ( if it goes up). I'd rather just be put to sleep for 3 days, and wake up with a baby! As of now, we are still on for a scheduled c-section......in 21 days.BUT I know how this hypertension and pre-e and HELLP work. And my doctor is also now out of town until the week after Thanksgiving sometime. I still don't trust my body. It didn't exactly follow the rules of blood pressure going down after Landon, and it most definitely followed no rules with Lucy's arrival. We will just wait and see and try not to worry!
I did get a few minutes last night ( after midnight) to piece together one side of the crib skirt. After I got all the panels pieced together, I had my mom hem & gather them. This pelvis can't handle sitting at a sewing machine that long. I just have to pin and sew them onto the panel pieces (2 left), and sew the panels onto the deck ( that sits under the mattress). I'm probably not working on it tonight though. I've had a headache for about a day now. This headache woke me up yesterday while I was napping. Luke is off on Thursdays ,and I usually can nap on those days. If this Tylenol and caffeine doesn't kick it in a few hours, we might head to get some bloodwork to double check.
Luke has also ( I think) finished the dresser. He just wants to touch up some things he wasn't happy about. I finished some more 'art' for her walls last week too. I just need to put some liner in her drawers--I don't know who we bought her dresser from & weirds me out a little--and put the clean newborn clothes in them. We should be good to go, except diapers! We do need to buy some. I've started stocking up on wipes this week. $.99/ refill pack at Kroger when you buy 4, but with a $.50/1 coupon that doubles it actually is free plus $.01! I've been trying to get extra coupons & just bought some more on EBay ( they will end up being $.40 a pack after buying the coupons).
I'm sure there's plenty I'm forgetting that we need to do. I packed a bag (1st time for that. I know the hospital bag is over-rated. Who doesn't want peace & quiet? That peace comes with sending everyone away & sending a list of what you need from home.) I have the camera charged. Now we just wait! I think I might be close to comprehending that we are having another child. MAYBE.

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