Changing things up, and getting things done.

The latest the baby will be here is in 45 days! ! ! !
I'm giving us a timeline of 2-3 weeks to get the room completed. If she comes any time after week 36, there might not be weeks and weeks to work on the room while she is at the hospital. There is a chance she won't even stay much or at all. I know she won't know what her room is like in this rental house that she might not even ever know. But I also know that we still have boxes in the garage( that I'd LOVE to park in), and I don't want one more thing to add to the to-do list once there are 3 kids. 
Since we decided to get started, Luke brought home some paint on Saturday . It was pretty white. It was actually a darker color than we had decided on, but was still too light. He just had to take it back up to work, and one of his workers did some magic to make the can darker. She added what she needed, and it is close to the Dolphin color now.

The back left is the color we decided on, the back right is the color we got on mistake.The color swatch in the front is the final gray we got, and the dots on the back two are the final color as well so we could see the comparison.  
Here is a before picture of the room :
The room is a little smaller, but I'll get better pictures after.
My mom came over and painted the room today.

Gray walls, and the bumper. It came in today from Amazon!
The rest of the fabric should be in tomorrow. I also changed that up a little! I'm taking out 6 of the blocks from the quilt, and replacing them with the chevron I ordered for the back. The pink paisley fabric had a brighter pink on it, and I had wanted to stay with light pinks.It's getting kicked out. If I don't have enough extra chevron, I'll add what I can and then use the stripes or polka dot from my scraps. I accidentally kept ordering 1/4 yard instead of 1/8; this gave me double of almost all the prints.
I'm trying to find some wall art projects with the other fabric, & have a few ideas. Hopefully more pictures to come soon! 

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