29 weeks and 5 days!

It is officially past midnight, it's now Monday morning, and I am officially 29 weeks and 5 days in this pregnancy. I had Lucy on a Monday at 29 weeks and 5 days. At 29 weeks and 4 days, my legs were numb by lunch at Olive Garden, there was an AWESOME snow storm ( December 12th,2010) that cancelled our Sunday school progressive party 

 my ankles had blown up beyond recognition
 and my right side was starting to hurt. Today, I made it through church, lunch, the mall, a great nap, and some maternity/family pictures! I kept watching my ankles. The last time I took my blood pressure today, it was 117/66 (still WAY far off from 175/112 ) . Today was a good day, and my body has made it farther ( as of 6:14 tonight) than it did my last pregnancy!

I didn't do a chalkboard picture this week. I just had no motivation, nor did I find any time to do it. This is my 29 week belly picture though, just trying on an outfit this weekend for our pictures today. I think they will be great--except for Lucy's hair. My fault. I couldn't find a bow that I wanted to match her shoes, but I found a headband. Her hair was CRAZY today, and the headband didn't stay in well. I brought a backup ponytail holder and a big bow ( that was toooo big to use solo). It looked cute, but her waterfall of hair on top of her head wanted to lay TO THE FRONT. Hopefully within 2 weeks, I will be able to post some pictures! I know almost 30 weeks is a tad bit early for maternity pictures, but I was really sad about missing out on some maternity things after I had Lucy, so I wanted to get these in before anything crazy goes on. Plus, we haven't had family pictures since Landon was 14 months. Yep, first family pictures with all 4 of us!
Landon cooperated , for the most part, during pictures. We pulled through Starbucks on the way home to get both the kids cakepops, and they were out of their favorite--birthday cake & tiramisu. They both got raspberry truffle, and had lovely messy faces afterwards!

We head back to the doctor in a week. Hoping for a post or 2 before AND quite a few more before baby pictures !

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