29 weeks tomorrow!

We are finally in the new house. There is still 'stuff' laying around in the other house & garage, so I'm told. I haven't been there since last Thursday, and don't plan on going back! The move did not go anything like I had planned or wanted. It was very messy and gross and unorganized, so I've stayed away. The rental company can't schedule the walk through until the end of this weeks, so Luke has just been moving things little by little here at the end because all that is left is random stuff. Our beds are all in our rooms, the heavy furniture is all in place ( Thanks for the help,Brian!), all packed boxes have been moved ( Luke, my mom, and dad have taken trip after trip with the F-150 and Nitro). The new house is a different layout, rooms are smaller ( but there are 4!), cabinets are different,and closets are smaller. So everything, for the most part, is in the area of the house it needs to be, we just need to figure out what other places things can go into. I am working on unpacking and putting away a few boxes at a time. This 21 month old likes to get into everything she shouldn't, and when she is obeying she likes to SQUEAL A LOT! Being 28 weeks pregnant, having an almost 4 year old and an almost 2 year old is not the ideal moving situation. But it will all eventually get put away........hopefully by this weekend! I'd like to be able to put away the pack n play by this weekend and not use it as a corral for Lucy so I can get some things done.

I went back to the doctor today. I saw a different doctor again--seen 3 so far and I think there might be 10 at the practice? Once I got past all the anxiety and worry at the beginning, I figured I needed as many of them as possible to see my records. I don't really care who takes the baby out of me, I'm bummed it's not my doctor in Nashville.But I want them to know what exactly I went through, and that most likely I will be asking for medicine to stay sane if there are any blood pressure issues. I would prefer to just be knocked out for 2 days after, but I know that's not an option!  We went ahead and scheduled my c-section for December 5th. I should get the papers soon in the mail about it. I also signed my papers for my tubes to be tied. Luke and I were both worried that if everything goes fine, I beat all odds and make it to 39 weeks, I'd have second thoughts about wanting another. He didn't want me laying on the table and NOT wanting to go through with it. BUT, I can't do this again. I'm still having a hard enough time thinking that we are starting over. We now have another 18 years to add on until we can have a life again ;) The first 15ish weeks of this pregnancy were pretty much crying and worrying and anxiety and not good thoughts. I had just gotten out of a bad place mentally, was getting into a great routine with the kids, had almost gotten rid of all the weight I gained after Lucy came home ,and then just wanted to crawl back under my covers and stay there all day when all our future plans seemed to be changing. I have tried to keep all thoughts away the past 14 weeks, which also include actually realizing we will have another baby here in the next 10 weeks! We haven't really 'prepared' too much for baby #3. But I'm still taking my weekly pictures. I'm mainly doing them because I don't want this baby to feel unwanted later on down the line if she finds out how non-excited I was. She still deserves the anticipation and excitement as the others. So taking the pictures is helping me remember each week that I am carrying a precious little baby that is a wonderful blessing to our family!
I had to photoshop the chalboard into this week's pictures. I ran out of time to make it.

We went with my friends to see Wicked on my birthday !

In the new house. The chalkboard doesn't have a place yet! I think it will eventually go into Lucy's room after baby comes.

I passed my glucose test today at my appointment. My blood pressure is still great, and still showing no protein in my urine! AND I didn't have a massive weight jump--that's a bad sign too(big weight gain). I've gained a total of 15 pounds so far, and still enjoying my cheesecake =)
Now some photos to catch up on the last 2 weeks:
Another picture from my birthday night with Cindy Sue. 

The cheesecake Cindy got me for my birthday!!! I ate a piece a day ;)

Lucy's first football game--out of my tummy ;) Go Cards! It wasn't the prettiest 4th quarter, but they are still undefeated, and we're excited for the last 4 home games!

The kids & I did the American Heart Association Heart Walk last Saturday. We walked for our friends' baby Caleb. This is from her fund raiser page:  When we found out we were going to have a third boy we were so excited. But our excitement quickly turned to fear when we found out at about 22 weeks gestation that he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome which is one of the most serious congenital heart defects one can have. So we began preparing ourselves for the rough road ahead which included but was not limited to three open heart surgeries by three years of age. But God had other plans...He took our angel to be with Him at 32 weeks gestation. No words could describe our pain and sadness. We had decided on a name for our sweet boy just a couple days before the Lord took him home. His name would be Caleb which means faith, devotion, and WHOLE HEARTED! So we will walk and raise money for baby Caleb and the many other babies born with a congenital heart defect! 
Lucy's arrival was about 6 days from this point, and I believe we will make it past that point. Every day we pass, we will be thrilled! Although we prefer she stays until at least Thanksgiving, we know every extra day inside is awesome! We also know that we saw babies that were 7-8 pounds on ventilators, on antibiotics, and not thriving. Lucy is a miracle & we know this baby will be also! We are anticipating a few more updates before we post pictures of baby!

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