Today was Landon's first day of pre-school. We dropped him off a little while ago! He goes 2 short days today and Friday, and then will be 3 days a week, 2 1/2 hours a day, starting next week!
We made his teacher a flower pot with colored pencils and took her a mum ( $.88 sale at Home Depot for a 1.25 qt.) It didn't turn out exactly like I had wanted, but I forgot that the pot I got was smaller at the bottom. Unless I wanted gaps all around the top, the pencils would all start to lean. I hate starting crafts, because they always turn out gross to me. All you need is colored pencils ( or regular pencils), hot glue gun, and a flower pot or vase. I'm assuming a straight round vase would work better!
You can see the pencils starting to lean to one side.
I decided that maybe I should start on the other side.I even tried to lean them a little more straight each new pencil I glued on.  That maybe wasn't the best idea?
This was the good side! =/
Final product with some ribbon and an embellishment, The pencils are not prefect, but it had to do! I even broke a few pencils and just stuck them above the rosette.

The back--the worst!

Landon ready to head into pre-school! The vase doesn't look so bad far away ;)

Landon heading out the door before RUNNING to the car.
He had a great time today. He said he obeyed along with all of the other kids, and he even got a snack! I could see his koolaid ring around his mouth when he got into the car =) And it didn't take him nearly as long to fall asleep for his nap today. We might REALLY like this pre-school idea ;)

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