26 weeks and Advent

Being 26 weeks and the Advent season actually don't go together. Little Baby #3 turned 26 weeks on Wednesday. I'm assuming we will have all 3 children by the time Advent season starts this year--I believe December 2nd. If not, then we will have her that week! Just about 12 full weeks! 
Here is a belly and chalkboard update:
Yes, my heart is burning all day and all night. Heartburn.
But I am currently in love with Ice cream, cheesecake, Lucky Charms, and the Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks--decaf & non-fat WITH whip(tall and non fat makes it only 300 calories instead of over 400. I just saw that taking off the whip takes away 80 more)!

So, Advent?

We had the chocolate cardboard calendars growing up.

 We got Landon one the year I was pregnant with/had Lucy. That was something we had already gotten and set out by his own tree before we had her. We had intended on getting a nice, wooden manger/stable one we had seen after Christmas for the following years. 
And we forgot until the 1st Sunday of Advent. =/ 
Last year, I saw so many people blogging about different calendars and crafts to make with kids during Advent. There was one Luke and I both liked and decided we'd start this year. Here are a few blogs that did the same:

We set out after Christmas looking for Christmas books. We got a few at Hallmark and Wal-mart. I think we ended up with 5? And those 5 were nice, record-able or sound books.I remembered the other day that we still needed to look for Christmas books, and was hoping we could find some cheap . We went into a store called Ollie's here in Louisville. JACKPOT! 
None of the books were over $3.99, and most were $1.99.We now have 19 books. And we have about 11 or 12 weeks to finish up the books--look around the house, go to Goodwill, order from Scholastic book order,or snag some on-line.We will have books now to use every year, and continue the tradition of opening one every night. I have some time also to figure out some other activities, crafts, or service projects to add in also to our advent time.

Landon's cute tree & calendar back in 2010.

Landon has finished his first two days of pre-school. He loves it so far! Next week he will go real hours. We are back to the baby doctor on Monday, and will finish off the week packing!

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