Sometimes we're all to quick to countdown the days that we forget to make the days count ~unknown

Our calendar on the fridge is completely written & circled & filled up. And while we've got several things to countdown to, I'm sure we will be taking every day to celebrate and savor the memories. This weekend was both Louisville & Bama's first football games of the season. Both wins of course!
the kids this spring

Landon's Halloween costume (and Lucy about 23 weeks).

This week:Landon starts pre-school Wednesday! He's been begging to go since he could talk. He always heard his cousins say they were starting school & his friends at church were all starting pre-school. So I finally gave in. Hopefully this will also give me some sweet time with Lucy. She has no clue there is another baby coming, but I do. I know she won't be my 'little baby' anymore =( Never thought that would happen! I don't want to lose her specialness and amazingness of the little miracle that she is. I think the absolute happiest time of my life was when I was pregnant with Lucy and had so much fun with Landon all day. I'm hoping to squeeze some of that special time with Lucy while it's still here. I'm also really hoping Landon can learn to sit at a table, because he doesn't understand that from me--he stands, spins around, gets down.......He only goes 2 short days the first week, and then will be going 3 days a week for about 2.5 hours each day. It will be much more structured time at tables learning with 30 minutes of play time and snacks ( of course!). He is excited about the field trips already!

Lucy has her 2nd to last speech session this Tuesday. She basically tested out a few months ago, but we decided to do three more sessions this year. Most of these will be follow up testing, and paperwork to close out her case. We decided that since 2 years is the age where there is much more that you can diagnose and figure out and really tell, we'd leave her in until then. It is SO much harder to get BACK into the system if she were to fall behind as opposed to doing a few final check-ups.

Next week:
I go back to the doctor on the 10th. I will be 26 weeks and 5 days, and we are just staying on top of checking for pre-e. My 29th birthday is the 13th! I've already told Landon what I want and what type of cake I want. I saw a commercial for a DQ ice cream cake that had cheesecake bits in it. I could eat cheesecake all day, every day. I've also been eating ice cream lately. Not typically my favorite. Guess it's the baby. We will see if he remembers the cake and what I told him I wanted ;)
We are also going to see Wicked on my birthday ( I think it is that day, but I'm not exactly sure!) Luke and I saw it in NYC & Loved it, and are so excited!
Luke is taking off of work that week because we are packing, packing, and more packing all week. We are possibly going to be able to take some things down to the house we are moving into.  It is down, as in down the hill that I have tried to make myself enjoy walking. I'm not sure I will be walking up it EVER again =) It's different to make yourself go up just to go up it. But when you have to start going down, it's the only way to get back home. And I think the official date we move in (pay a deposit and start paying rent) is the 21st of September. I'll be 28 weeks and 2 days, and will have another appointment at the doctor a few days after. 
After we get moved in,I'm sure the rest of September will be spent unpacking. ugh. THEN I can finally get into decorating the baby room. I feel this baby moving and kicking and rolling inside of me,my belly contracts all the time, my pelvis is obviously struggling,  yet we still have not stopped long enough to comprehend a 3rd child. I guess both other children had set names once we found out the gender ( at 17 &16 weeks), we had bedding picked out at this point, rooms were being renovated, and we were READY TO GO. At this point, we have about 3 months left. Tomorrow is September 3rd, and the 39 week c-section will be the week of December 3rd. I still don't know what to think about having a third baby. I don't know what to expect at all about getting all 3 out of the car and into a store-- we don't even know what car we will be driving yet. Lucy still seems so much younger than Landon was when she was born. I was looking at picture from a few months before she was born, and he seemed SO MUCH OLDER. He was capable of doing more on his own, and wasn't JUST asking to 'walk ,walk' when we were in a parking lot. I have to stop carrying her because she needs to walk and also because it hurts. 

Landon at 17 months. 

Landon at 20 months. Starbucks with mommy ;) She'd fall out of this seat and crack her head open!

At least I have somewhere around 3 months until I will have to deal with 3 at a time. With Landon at pre-school, hopefully my time with just Lucy will help her learn to do a little more on her own, use a fork better, use a juice box without shaking it a squeezing it out all over, not SQUEALING in a restaurant when she wants something(over and over and over), talking and communicating just a tad bit better, and not trying to climb over EVERY object she encounters =)

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