I finally started on some hats to take to the NICU when we go visit for Lucy's birthday. Here are the first 3, probably the WORST 3! I didn't finish the bottom of the 2 on the left. I think I like it better unfinished. You have to remember how small Lucy's head was--10 inches around. These 3 are about 12 inches.It's hard for me to hem them that little. I will make some bigger & longer as well. I've ordered some tags to iron on to them as well, and I'm going to make a card-stock card to attach to them with Lucy's newborn picture & also a picture we'll take next month & some uplifting words to the parents. All 3 of these were made from clothes Lucy wore. I also have some boyish prints and solids.

Mannix had an Angry Bird themed 4th birthday party. We made him this pillow from an adult t-shirt. ( The yellow words aren't actually on the pillow).

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