Sweetest boy ever!

Lately, everything to Landon has been the biggest_________EvEr!. He also has not mastered all of his blends( blends,right? I never taught those in 3rd). His st sounded like a d, his br sounded like an f, and his wr just always sounds like a y. He says funny things like 'let's go to Yalmart or  let's yun as fast we can. But he also loves sticks.So the point of all of this is that he really likes to yell out when he has the biggest stick ever! Remember that his st sounds like a d.

He finally got the st this week :) Now that I think of it, he couldn't do sp until the other day. He wanted to rent "Spooky Buddies", but kept calling it fooky buddies. One of my favorite words he says is girl. He use to say  durl, and now it's more of gil. After I tell him at bed that he's the sweetest boy ever, he grabs me for a hug ,& tells me ,You're the sweetest gil EVER!

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