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I have SO many things I need to get started on! The house is pretty much unpacked as much as we plan on unpacking it. I just need to set up my sewing maching in the basement. I haven't gone down there TOO much beause we don't have a washer/dryer yet :( We are waiting until the Home Depot Black Friday sale starts the 2nd week in November (YAY). Once I'm down there every day to do laundry, then I'll start on some projects while I'm waiting on the washer.

Project #1-- My friend, Leslie, and I had been planning on making baby hats to drop off at the NICUs in Nashville. Well, I moved. So, for now, I am planning on make a big batch of hats to drop off when we visit for Lucy's 1st birthday. I am planning on taking them about 4 times a year. Receiving the gifts from previous NICU parents was a wonderful, unexpected gift. We really loved getting them & decided we would do the same. I am going to use used t-shirts and used baby gowns. IF you happen to have any used t-shirts or baby clothes/gowns/onesies feel free to send or bring them to me.

Project #2 -- Dresses for Lucy, made from my old sweaters. The idea is from http://www.make-loveit.com
Project #3-- Lucy's birthday shirt and tutu (of course!) I'm not showing a picture of those though. I don't want mine to look so bad that it doesn't look ANYTHING like the picture, and I also want to keep it a little surprise until I make it!

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