We're here. We got everything out of the house and on the road to Louisville around 7pm last Thursday. We were able to get our lease signed & start moving things in on Friday.....drizzle and 57 degrees. We had some friends help us Saturday too, and returned the truck Sunday morning. The house is much bigger than I had thought when we looked at it a week before. There is much more space, a beautiful deck, & a great hill to walk or run. I will take pictures later next week of the house.

I never put pictures up from Lucy's NICU birthday party reunion. It was in August and we had a great time.

This is Leslie. Luke had posted on FB about me having the baby, and she told him she worked in the Baptist NICU & would maybe have Lucy. They had mutual friends in high school/church. It was very calming to me to know that someone Luke knew was watching over Lucy before I got a chance to even go see my baby. Thanks, Leslie! We spent many nights in the intensive section talking to Leslie about our other boys,houses,medical stuff, and her pregnancy ( she was on bedrest and having BP issues throughout Lucy's stay).

Meggie & Erica. They both had Lucy, or were around her, a lot once she got to the step down unit. We didn't really get to know the day nurses as well because we usually got to the NICU at 8pm and stayed until after her 11 pm feeding. So we saw them a lot at night too like Leslie.

Nurse April. Lucy spent her 1st New Years Eve with her on the last night in the intensive section. She is actually a close friend of our friend--after meeting in the NICU as well. I'm glad she was working nights at that time,since we didn't get to know too many of the day nurses.

This picture was taken by the photographer at the party.
 There were a few other nurses we did not get to see. We are able to keep up with some of them on facebook or on their nicu facebook page. We are planning on going to visit on her birthday, and I am also working on a project for gifts for the babies soon.
And this is Dr. Rojas. Lucy had 4 different NICU doctors besides nurses, cardiologist, & respiratory therapists. When Dr. Wingo, the L&D nurses, and I decided we could not wait ANY longer because of my liver-- there was a lady having twins that the NICU was waiting on& said we had to wait for also. They ignored what the NICU said, and took me in for my c-section. Dr. Rojas was in the delivery room because Dr Haynes was waiting on the twins.( sorry for the mess and busyness) He also walked into the L&D room right after Dr wingo had told Luke I'd have brain damage and we wouldn't know how severe until after they did a scan. Because of THAT meeting, he says he won't ever forget Luke. ;) Luke told him, not so nicely, to get out of the room, that he couldn't handle any more bad news, and we'd see him later. He told us Lucy was doing great, and he'd see us the next day. The next day when I woke up with him at the end of my bed, he reassured me how well Lucy was doing, and then said I looked much better than the day before ;)

I mentioned a few weeks ago about some friends who would be having a baby with a heart defect & would need surgeries. Baby Caleb went to heaven on September 14th.Mommy ( Krista) was about 32 weeks along & delivered him that afternoon.Please  pray for Mommy and Daddy ( Brian) and the rest of both families. They also have 2 other kiddos, so keep all 3 of them in your prayers!

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