We hope you had a wonderful halloween. Maybe you even got enough candy to stash away until it's time to stuff the stockings. If you didn't, then run to walmart or walgreens and get some super cheap right now! Both of the kiddos were pirates. We spent about $10 for a shirt or vest for each and a pair of socks for each. I was just going to buy the $13 walmart pirate for Landon if I couldn't make it cheaper, but we did it. They went to the Y on Sartuday evening & then to go see their great-grandpa. On Monday night they trick or treated with our friends, then to see their great great aunt, then to see their great grandma, then to my parents' house for a late supper, and FiNaLlY in bed around 10 PM. Landon was wide awake asking for candy for breakfast before 8 am on Tuesday!
Lucy had her observation today from Kentucky's Early Intervention--First Steps. She is right almost exactly 8 months old right now with her corrected age, and was tested on the 8th month old test. She has progressed so much in the past 2 weeks. She is starting to put her hands out in front of her ( sometimes) instead of falling flat on her face when she falls over. She is sitting up for longer. She is scooting around on her belly everywhere.She is starting to use her right hand. She is starting to play with a sippy. She is just doing SO much more. She has also fallen back in some areas. She isn't repeating sounds like she was. She isn't babbling like she was. Thankfully there were no RED FLAG markers that stood out with her observation, she is just low in several areas. They will get the report written up and sent to us, and then the case worker (or whatever she is called) will get the therapists set up. Her scores were not majorly low, but low enough to need some extra help. Even if we just get some extra help to let us know HOW to work with her, that is all we need. There are so many things I forget 8 months olds do, until someome asks me if she is doing them yet. She isn't worried about gross motor as much as the fine motor right now, mainly because of her progression. She believes that it will still come. She does have small tremors with her hands when she is trying to grab things. She favors one side more than the other when she reaches for objects, and that same side gets stuck under her when she rolls. So, she will have an occupational therapist and a speech therapist. We might throw in a physical therapist if she doesn't progress as quickly as we feel she is going to. She might just not be making as many sounds right now because she is so focused on trying to get around and work on big movements. We will get it all figured out, get her some extra help she needs, and she will be acting her age in no time ;) Now, if only we could get Landon and Elyssa to act their age. At this point, I'm not sure if Elyssa acts like a 3 year old when she throws a fit or if Landon acts like a 7 year old when he throws his fit. OR maybe they just sound the same until they grow out of them.

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