To finish is to win!

I officially signed up last week for the Derby Mini Marathon! I only have 39 days now left to train, so I won't be worrying about my time at all this time around. I will only be pushing to run 8 miles, and if I have to walk the rest, I'll be OK with it. I'm hoping since I know the course so well (not from running it, but driving it so much growing up) it'll be easier for me to just keep running! I just need to get past the two hills in the first 2 miles. If you want to come cheer me on, check out this page for suggestions.

I think maybe also you could park at my grandpa's shop and walk over to 4th street. I read somewhere that there are texts you can receive on updates to where your runner is at. For those not familiar with the race/course,here it is.

You can also look at the route here.

On another note, Landon had his 15 month check-up last week. He is 20 1/2 pounds, almost 31 inches tall, and I forget what his head is! His weight is back above his curve ( which is 3%, and he is now 5th I think), his height is still 31%--like it was at 12 months, and his head is like 15%. His Dr. said he seems to be very verbally advanced, that makes me happy. I had been worried a few months ago that he wasn't talking like other kids his age. Of course, it was after he was around a girl his age, and everyone knows girls do things sooner. He said the fact that he can say 'eye' and point to an eye is great. Landon has been LOVING swimming lessons.He goes underwater perfectly, he is trying to float on his back, can hold onto the edge of the pool by himself and climb out, and can jump in from the side holding onto my hands. Luke doesn't have to work tomorrow morning, so he is going to take a few pictures for me. I'll try to post them tomorrow!

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