March Madness

If you want to know what our house has been up to since Thursday....
The only time any of our TVs have left CBS was when Landon asked to watch 'Veggie'-- we watch Veggie Tales once a day. He loves it. But he has also learned to point at the basketball games, and yell (mumble) at it. Everyone knows that I'm a Louisville fan. And everyone knows that Luke isn't a big basketball fan--he will watch me play, watch games with me, and watch UL play . He is about as big of a basketball fan as I am baseball....baseball was NOT allowed in our house on TV growing up =)But he does, like about everyone else, really get into the NCAA tournament when he can watch. And yes, Louisville lost to Cal in the first round...shocker. After his year of bi-polar playing, who expected anything more? Of course, we all hoped, and KNEW they could win......it was just their night to not play. Sosa ....ah whatever, so happy he is a senior at this point. I told someone that I was so glad this season was over--I've never had more heartbreaks in a year! At least this year's tourney is crazy, and almost EVERY game has been unbelievable and exciting.

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