Our #1

ma MA?"

This is the wonderful sound we wake up to every morning. Landon no longer will sit and play in his bed for a few minutes. The second he wakes up, which is at a decent time at least, he starts yelling for 'MA'. =) We so full and busy these days, But what a beautiful way to start each day!
Landon seems to be growing up and changing all the time.He is running all around the house. We shut the bedroom doors, gate off the upstairs, and he has freedom to run wherever he wants! Since we have nothing out that he can't get into,it is starting to get hard going to someone else's house with him. He is too young to know that everyone elses house isn't babyproofed, or to know what he can or can't touch. And he is smart enough to remember what he shouldn't be doing, as he points to something and says 'No!' He is very good at following directions though.When we tell him it's time to put his shoes on, he plops down wherever he is and waits =)And when we say it's time to go bye-bye, he runs to the gate and waits to leave.
He sometimes will say "mama" and "dadyyyyyy'', but it's usually 'ma' and 'da'. He is picking up a few new words each week. He says quite a few words including: mama, daddy, down, sit, dane do ( thank you), Pa with a BIG emphasis on the P ( please), cheese, out out out, ouch,eye,SH ( shoe), bath , bubbles,bye-bye, hi, no--while shaking his head like crazy, yes, baby, dog, MINEY(mine),ball, ba-ball (basketball), and today he learned to say button and potty.
We start swimming lessons on Tuesday the 9th of March, and will go Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 weeks. We are so excited! He also goes for his 15th month check-up on the 11th. He has stayed right on track with his weight, except for when he had the stomach virus, and has slowly been jumping farther up off his chart for height and head circ. We will see where he is at!

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