Swimming lessons

Luke got up early today to go watch Landon in his swimming lessons. OF COURSE today is the 1st day that Landon was not happy throughout about 60% of swimming =( I know he has about 3 more teeth trying to come through, and we have had a few sleepless nights. He actually slept all of Monday night, but his teeth are bothering him, I'm sure. It doesn't help that he instantly spots a ball, and that is ALL he wants to do is throw the basketball in the pool.

Luke tried to take some pictures, but they aren't really 'allowed' in the Y. He got a few until the other baby showed up. So, we didn't get Great ones of him going under or jumping in from the side, but we got a few.

Landon can climb out of the side of the pool ( he uses my leg some to push off of), and he has now transfered that skill to climbing up on the couch. He gets SO proud of himself when he climbs on it. He also tried to climb out of the bathtub last night--he had one leg all the way up on the ledge =) We usually throw some sort of toy out of the side of the pool for him to climb up and get. Then he will jump back into the pool. The first few times he would stand and hold onto my hands, we count " 1, 2, 3" and then make a big loud deal of noise ( like sucking in air) every time, and he smiles & jumps in. Right before he hits the water he closes his eyes, and shuts his mouth. He does so good. Today, he sat on the edge and jumped in. One time I started him standing, but when I got to '3', he sat down and jumped in that way.
His teacher said the main difference in his ability 'checklist' and the 10 month old that is in his class is that he needs to be able to kick when he is floating/hanging on to whatever he is using....he kinda just freezes, finds the ball in the pool, reaches towards that way, and yells BALL.
He didn't want to float on his back today.He just wanted to squirm sideways, and go get the ball.

He got excited today when the baby got to class.

He is easliy distracted by the deep water class in the lap pool.

On a side note, we all went grocery shopping yesterday. We have been staying in an ok budget for our groceries. We spend about $75-$85 for about a 2-2 1/2 week period.Kroger has a March Madness sale going on now, where if you buy 8 items, it will take $4 off your total. So we shopped in multiples of 8's yesterday, keeping track on the top of our grocery list. We got some GREAT deals on pasta sauce and noodles, oscar meyer sandwiches, mott's apple juices ( $.99), and frozen french fries. In the end, we thought we were at 40 items that were participating in the sale....but after it rung up we were only at 39 =( But instead of us going back, getting another juice, and changing the reciept, the CS lady just put $4 back on our debit card! This was our total ( take away $4, and add $4 to savings!)
We're still learning how to make the best use of coupons and sales, but this was a good day for us, and saving pretty close to 50%. We are working to get better!

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