Walking, running, & wheezing....oh my!


Lucy is walking all around the place. She really likes to pivot around & around. Maybe she will be the basketball player, & Landon will swing the bat like Daddy.


Saturday is the Papa John's 10 miler. It's the final leg in the Triple Crown of racing here in Louisville ( 5k,10k, & 10 miler). They all take place before the Mini and full marathon. Apparently, it is also one of the top five 10-mile races and a top five largest 10-mile race also.
I had planned on running 9 miles on Saturday, but came up about 1/2 a mile short. Calves cramping. Hips & pelvis hurting. =( But I did run the hills through the park, and hopefully that will help me on Saturday! We live about a mile from the park, so it's easy to run to it, head up and around it, & then down Southern Parkway & back.
The race ends in Papa John's stadium with Panera bagels, Heine Brother's coffee, fruit and energy bars, and Papa John’s pizza!Yes, I'm really running for the pizza!


We haven't had much sleep over the weekend. Landon has been up coughing, burning up with a fever, and just acting plain miserable.Luke took him to a walk-in at Walgreens yesterday, and we found out he has an ear infection. They recommended that we go on to the doctor today. Verdict: pneumonia. We did a breathing treatment in the office and he responded well to it after listening to his lungs again. He also was given steroids ( AHHHHH!!!!! that makes him SO mean and angry and mad), but he spit them out. The next try was a shot, but Mommy didn't tell Landon why he was laying on his tummy. He did not like the shot, and he grabbed around to yank it out of his hip. We brought a breathing treatment machine home, and will follow up at the doctor in a month to see if any of this is related to asthma and allergies. Here is my big boy at the doctor.
Prayers for Lucy Lu not to get any worse than she is. We're still at runny nose and cough with her, but I'm hoping it's nothing. Cousin Elyssa is currently at the doctor getting her breathing on too :/

OH MY. . . .
5 more weeks until the Mini-marathon!

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