Lucy & life & losing our lunch

15 months old!
Yes, sweet Lucy is 15 months old today, March 13th. She goes for her well visit tomorrow. We still miss our Dr. in Nashville A LOT! It's hard to replace someone who has been there with you from day 1 of your first child,through the scary ( he came in right after my seizure & checked on us both daily) through surgery(Landon's tumor), and through the joyous times of both kids. He knew us, and he seemed to truly care about us and our family.But we are making do ;) Everything seems to be moving along with Lucy. We will be asking about some tremors she still has, and seeing if she recommends a neurologist. We discussed it one time when she was also staring off, and the thought was that if it was seizures that she'd outgrow them. The OT suggessted we just ask again.   Even though she is 15 months old, she will be 13 months ( adjusted) on the 22nd. We will keep up the adjusted/corrected age thing until she hits all of her milestones or until she turns 2.Those first 10 1/2 weeks that she was out of my belly don't count ( I have to remind myself of this all the time). That was time for her to continue to develop and grow and get fat. We were just blessed to be able to experience it first hand ;) Have YOU ever seen a baby with 1 nipple, and see it develop outside of a womb? ;) 

I think she actually REALIZED that she was waving today, and why she was doing it. She waved at 2 ladies as we were leaving the Y tonight, and just kept waving, and kept staring at her hand. She was in awe of herself. Hopefully soon we will have more of these moments! We also need to her to be able to express ANYTHING to us. There still isn't any pointing to her cup or paci or toy when she wants it. We have more jibber jabber, but it's just jibber jabber.We KNOW when she wants to eat, but I'm not sure anyone else would know that eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and throwing a fit means she wants food NOW. And this is just about 24/7. MISS PIGGY. We sometimes have a mama, and have dada A LOT, but they are still not to call one of us or even to point towards us as a recognition. She is mimicking some sounds, and there are some sounds we have never heard from her. She clicks her tongue all day if you do, but if I look at her for hours and say MAMA, she just moves her lips open and closed :/ She doesn't kiss, or even lick when you ask for a kiss. If you ask her to give you her baby or ball or paci, she doesn't understand. She most definitely doesn't understand 'No'--which is really frustrating =) Landon fully understood that by crawling age, I believe. I think she recognizes the voice change when we use a stern voice, and she smiles and continues =) I'm also not sure she even knows her name is Lucy at this point.
But she is AMAZING. And she looks like a hillbilly with her crazy croocked teeth up top! She has 4 up top, wth massive gaps and facing crazy ways. And she has the two center bottom teeth, and a molar that popped through this week. I need to start her braces fund now!

Elyssa & Landon did pass the stomach bug onto me. Thankfully I got my 8 miles run on Saturday ( so proud of doing it all by myself and finishing after dark!), then I showered and spend the next 36 hours in bed. I didn't get to go help Sunday night like I had planned, nor did we get everything done that we had planned. I've eaten about 2 real meals since then, and I still feel pretty gross. Landon still doesn't seem all the way back either. I just still feel like I need to lay still. Unfortunaltey, I got to bed after 2 am this morning, and had to get up around 6 to take Luke to the aiport. Then I had to go get my review at work, and attempted to work out since the kids were already in Y world. I was NOT able to run at all ( after taking yesterday off too), but got about 35 minutes of good cardio and some weights in. We came home & ate a little bit . FINALLY I was able to lay down for about an hour before one of the kids was up, and it was time to head back up to the Y for me to teach for 2 hours. Now I feel gross again from eating, but am so glad Tuesday is over! I'm hoping this sickness won't get me too far off track from my training for the half marathon. I've got 6.5 weeks left!

2 more full days, and then I am off to join Luke in Vegas! I am so ready to lay out Friday! It seems it will be hotter here Satuday & Sunday though. We're praying Lucy doesn't catch this bug, and neither does my sister. She watched Landon the 1st time we left him, and she caught it while we were gone. We had all just had it. I'm hoping Luke doesn't get it on his trip either! And I'm really hoping I don't get it again.......because Landon got sick again over the weekend with me! I've been up far too long, and have a little boy laying next to me who cried and cried and cried at bed time. hysterically. I finally gave in when he came in our room to use the bathroom. He is finally asleep and is about to be transferred to his bed so I can get some sleep. Good night!

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