I finished the 10 miler! It was much slower than I'd like, but I caught whatever everyone else has and then add allergies on top and my asthma, and that equals bronchitis for me. And my inhaler was out. Yep, excuses for me. But they are legit =) I wasn't the last to cross the finish line; I was actually a few seconds faster than the average time. I had to stop 2 times to stretch my calf. I'm so glad it didn't hurt like it had been the past 2 weeks.  And I'm so glad the pizza tasted SO GOOD!

Around mile 3 I thought that I might actually end this race starting to half-way enjoy running.I honestly have always believed that everyone who said  they enjoy running,just says that. I've always said they are all liars.There is no way that anyone likes running. It hurts. It takes FOREVER. It requires SO much laundry--without fabric softener. Don't get me wrong, I like the benefits of running. I like the atmosphere of a race, sometimes. My 10 mile run yesterday was MUCH easier with 9,500 other people. It was easier than if I were to just be training on my own. I also like the t-shirts. But to say I like running, I'm still not there. I like to fit into clothes better. I like that if I pay for something, I sort of HAVE to train for it.
I have a month left until the half marathon. I'm hoping to take quite a few minutes off that 10 miles I just did, and finish the last 3 strong! I'm not out to set a PR ( which is NOT hard for me ;) ), but I'd enjoy if I beat my previous--which was after only running 8 for my longest AND running on a painful stress fracture.

These sweeties were waiting in the stadium at the finish line. Apparently Landon was yelling for me because he said, " I was yelling at you Mommy, but you had your music in!". I honestly didn't look for them TOO hard. My first half marathon, no one was there at the finish and I walked around for half an hour to find anyone. That was not fun. But they came to this one! I left Luke the camera, but he forgot to take pictures. He told me he had left the camera in the car, but it was in the diaper bag the whole time. Thank goodness for phone cameras ;)

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