Weekends usually mean nothing around here. Luke usually has Friday & Sunday off, so we don't have the typical 'weekend'. This has made it hard for me to be able to do my long runs on Saturdays, and also has made it hard to do it outside. He does have this weekend off though! I feel like we have so much to do before he leaves for Vegas on Tuesday morning. #1-- we MUST get a gate up at the top of the stairs. They are the stairs that go down to the basement, and are metal or iron or something tiny & skinny ( the rails). They are also uneven; we couldn't easily connect a gate to them, and no way would we screw anything into them. Luke has an idea. We will see. #2-- Laundry. We got behind this week with Landon getting sick and throwing up all night Tuesday and part of the day Wednesday. He still isn't eating much. Hopefully he will be back to full strength tomorrow, although he is wanting us to hold him a lot. So sweet. #3--clean up all the random little (and big) things that are just sitting around the house. Gross. #4 -- shopping! There are a few random things that  Luke needs before he heads out of town. And of course, I need to find a dress to wear to match the shoes my sister got me for my birthday back in September.
Tomorrow morning I am taking my niece to paint at Uptown Art. She has been asking to go since I went again last week. So while she was home sick ( with the stomach virus a week ago), I was searching on my phone for a Zebra picture to show her. I somehow came across a page to enter a contest to win a free cookie monster painting. And if you got picked to paint Saturday morning, you are also eligible to win backstage passes to Sesame Street Live. I totally forgot about it, but Luke got a voicemail last night saying to show up at 10AM with a child for the session! I'm really hoping she doesn't get mad that it's Sesame Street, but I really can't take my 3 year old. I know how crazy he gets just at Home Depot workshop, and would hate to have to leave early, or not finish, or make a huge mess, or make a huge scene, and not win the backstage passes!
This is my painting from last week. I'll be taking it with me to Orlando when we go next for my newest cousin to have in her nursery! Hopefully it matches OK.

Anything else over the weekend?I also have about 8 miles to run Saturday or Sunday. The Mini-marathon is only 7 weeks away from tomorrow!

Of course it is March. This means basketball, basketball, basketball!  Louisville is playing in the Big East championship against Cincinnati. GO CARDS!

Sunday evening we're volunteering for my Dad's basketball team. He is the assistant coach for the women's team at Spalding University, and they host a Bracketology event at the YUM! Center on Sunday night. Luke is staying home with all the kids though.

Busy, busy weekend, and I am starting to feel anxious about leaving Lucy for the first time. I'm trying to get a lot done before Luke leaves on Tuesday morning so I don't have to do it by myself once he is gone. Here's to hoping to get everything accomplished this weekend!

I should also mention that besides the painting at UptownArt, I also won a Baby Signs DVD from the Preemie giveaway at It's a Preemie Thing. I also won a dress (I'll still have to enter the auction) from Smocked by Stellybelly.

Two last things-->I know I've posted this song before, but Landon loves to sing along to it when it comes on the radio. We were in the living room the other night, and I had to pause the TV so everyone could hear him singing it while playing on the floor. Can't get enough of it.

Here is a video of Lucy being silly.She has also started walking, like .....a lot of steps! This is why we MUST get that gate up ! I will have to get a video I have of her on youtube so I can upload it here.

She will be 13 months corrected age on the 22nd. On the 13th, she will be 15 months old. She basically isn't in need of Occupational Therapy anymore (!!!), but is still testing delayed in speech. She has completely mastered the test for 6-9 months, but is 'delayed' in the 9-12 month tests ( she did 2). So we will test again in April (her 6 months are up in May, and I believe she would be re-tested then anyways), and see if she is still behind in the same area. If she hasn't caught up, we talked about getting a Developmental Therapist to help out some. Lucy isn't recognizing things or really being able to tell us things. She squeals a lot. She does hold her hands up when she wants you to pick her up. She doesn't point to her cup or paci or mommy or daddy when she wants that. If you ask her where something is ( cup, paci, mommy , daddy, landon, blakie, or mostly anything) she just smiles at you =) She is starting to FINALLY get 'nose' and 'hair'! So, if you are around me, please don't think I'm crazy for how I am talking to my sweet little baby. We are going to work on labeling everything while we talk about it, pointing as we say it, and pointing Lucy's fingers as we say them too. Maybe I haven't been doing it as much as I think I have? There is always still that guilt in the back of my mind that knows she wouldn't have had this delay had she not been early. And she would not have been early had my body not gone crazy ! Kids are mean. I just would hate to think of anyone making fun of her as she gets older because of things she has no control over. We'll continue to help her the best we can! I think she is slowly getting everything, and she will continue to amaze us as she grows!

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