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Luke and I made it back from Vegas Monday night. He had a good time at his meetings, got to room with his boss from Smyrna, & hang out with his friends from that district as well. By the time I arrived he was sick, had a fever, had a headache, and just wanted to sleep all 3 days. While it was a lovely 81 degrees in Louisville, it ended up in the 40's in Nevada by the third day I was there . 
 I was VERY discouraged & upset & sad & mad that I didn't get to lay out by the wave pool in their sandy 'beach', float around in the lazy river, and swim in the pools. When  I arrived on Friday, we did spend about 3 hours by the pool. Mandalay Bay had a St. Patrick's Day festival all weekend, and there were live bands on the pool stage. Hey , I can handle 65 degrees and wind as long as I have a lay-out chair and the sun! So we laid out and read and slept until we were shivering. We went out to eat for dinner all 3 nights & watched a lot of basketball. Saturday was spent in the room mostly--Luke sleeping & me finishing Hunger Games. I did also get my 6 miles in on a treadmill =)  I was worried how bad my first longer run would be after having the stomach virus. Yes, after I had it once, I got it AGAIN on Wednesday. At least  I didn't gain weight on vacation! I hadn't had much of an appetite until after we got back in town. My run was good! I watched the second half of the UK game and the first half of the UL game while running.

We saw a few of the 'must see' things,

we ate a some yummy places,

and I threw $3 in a slot machine as we were heading out at 5:30 AM to go to the airport. I have no clue how they matched up, but I got $22 out of it!
We didn't really sit at any tables and gamble, mainly because Luke was sick, I forgot how to play, and we just don't have money to throw away on entertainment right now. But I did put some money on 3 basketball games. Didn't put too much on them, $10, $10, & $20, but won all 3. I had Marquette to win, UK to beat the point spread, and Louisville just to win. It paid out enough for dinner one night ;)
We had a long day of flying back to Kentucky, and were completely exhausted! We only slept about 3 hours the night before we left. I tried to sleep on the 3 hour plane ride and during our 3 hour layover, but didn't have too much luck. I think I have caught back up finally!

Since the trip to Las Vegas was mainly because of Luke's business trip, I will just say that I am BEYOND happy today. Luke's job has a good bonus that comes along with it based on sales plan and several numbers, twice a year. We were not anticipating anything at all because of when he got promoted and the store he moved to. BUT I will say that I am so very happy today! We have a lot of worries that we can erase now! I am so happy that with this job, our student loans can be paid off SO SOON. I mean, we could pay them off like SO SOON, and not use the entire 35 years I always thought. I'm so thankful that in the next few years ( depending on how the store does) that we could quite possibly have no car payments & no student loans. That's like $800 more a month. That's like $9,000 more a year. That's like a Disney vacation, a mommy/daddy vacation, new clothes, Derby tickets, all the therapies Lucy needs, and more savings each year!

You can make fun of Luke's face in all of these pictures. He most likely had a fever & was trying to look half way excited to be awake =)

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