A DOR A BLE ! ! ! !

Ella Ruth is the most laid back, happy, sweet little baby!

She loves laughing at Landon and Lucy like she always has. She loves to be tickled. She loves to giggle. We've started veggies and a just tried  fruit this morning ( mango). She is still quite the spitter-upper, but has just started some medicine. We don't go to our 6 month check-up until June 11th, so we will see how everything is going then! We've had a fun time with the insurance being able to read her birth certificate, so she isn't on our insurance yet :/ So we have quite the stack of doctor bills right now, and actually probably won't be able to go to that appointment IF we can't get it figured out. We've got HR in on it ,and we tried to send them a copy of just her certificate of birth from the hospital to see if they can read Luke's name on that one and believe us that he is her father. . .
We have a few things still missing from the girls' room--a few more prints, some small details, hopefully a  small crown molding, and then I think we will be DONE!
Here is one more picture!
We purchased all of the frames from Goodwill or the Peddlar Mall and then spray painted white or pink.
I also would Love to recover the rocking chair. My mom put this fabric on it before we had Landon. I need some fabric suggestions! I might go ahead & paint the chair white too. We also need to find a light fixture; Landon wants a ceiling fan. The girls have a sound machine and a box fan running in their room because our house is on the small side. So they don't need the ceiling fan, and we can switch it over to Landon's room.
I just laid Ella down for the first time without being swaddled. She can fall asleep in any one's arms and nap anywhere, in any position. But I'm not sure how the night will go! I'm afraid we've created a monster. She LOVES to be swaddled and held tight for a minute and then she is out. I don't know if 6 months is too long to do this or not?
Of course, she is stirring now. Off to get her back to sleep.....

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