Girls' room details.

I posted  a few links from the room last week. I think the Sweet Heavenly Molasses is currently my favorite thing in the room. I also really prefer this bookshelf versus of all their books stacked under Lucy's bed:
We bought 3 crates from Home Depot (where else?) They sat for quite a while. We bought 2 cans of the same color pink spray paint that we painted the drawer pulls and some picture frames with & 1 paint of white. They got painted 1 coat, and they sat for a long while. Once it got warmer and I was playing outside with the kids everyday, I painted a few more coats, and finished them off with some Rust-oleum clear gloss. Luke screwed them all together, and then we put another coat of clear on them.I thought about attaching this to the wall somehow, and was afraid Lucy would pull it down. She isn't interested in trying got climb it, and it really is not heavy at all. Landon has quite a few more books than the 2 of them, but they both get the Imagination Library books every month. It will keep filling up!
Luke thinks we just made this shelf up, or thought about it on our own. But I think I saw it on a blog ( from Pinterest). DIY BOOKSHELF LINK
Landon has swimming lessons starting today. I'm thinking back to him being 18 months old....


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