5 months, 6 months... STOP GROWING!

How did I forget to post pictures of my so so sweet baby's 5 month chalkboard ?
I LOVE 5 months old! Smiles, cooing, rolling ,laughing, playing on the play mat for long periods of time entertaining themselves, and the list goes on!
Ella is SO cuddly! I just don't get enough time to cuddle her trying to run everything else around the house with 2 other kids. She LOVES to look at Landon, and she LOVES to laugh at him. The day after we took the picture, she started rolling fully both ways. She is so cute! Every time someone tells me how pretty she is , I always say . " I was worried for a little bit there!" I'm not one to say all babies are cute. They aren't, everyone knows that. And this one, well....she didn't photograph too well. And that awful baby acne, it lasted MONTHS and MONTHS! But she is just beautiful to me. She does this thing where she cuts her eyes up to you and smiles. She already knows how to get out of trouble with it. So this is her 5 month picture from a month ago. Today she is 6 months old.
We also FINALLY got their room almost complete last night. PICTURES SOON!
It's off to the Y with the kids for now. Our morning routine to get out of the house, let the kids run off some energy, let me exercise out some stress ( and fat), and get back home in time for a little play time, lunch , and NAPS!

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