We finally have a computer again !And it's new. And it's big. I'm sitting down & typing on a keyboard, like really fast! I seriously dislike the Ipad and my Iphone to type. My poor laptop's hard drive evidently just fried. The Geek Squad could move NO files to a new computer. No edited pictures. No picture collages. No videos. No letters that were saved and sent the old fashioned way. No files AT ALL. =( If that's the worst thing that happened this week, we would be A OK!
Unfortunately, we've had the stomach bug again. Really. And this time it started with this sweet baby.
Oh my goodness. If you've never had  a 3 month old vomit on you, you are NOT missing out on anything fun. I actually think it started in Lucy's gross diapers, but Miss Ella was the first one to vomit. It was so bad. It lasted about 6 hours, and the last 5 hours were all dry heaving. So sad. Then Landon joined in until about 4 am. He complained to me the next morning that he hadn't gotten any sleep the night before. He just sort of forgot that I was the one waking him up as soon as he moaned, and moved his heavy little 4 year old body over his bowl, and held his head up, then laid him back down every hour on the hours. Love. Then of course Mommy got sick the next day, and a massive headache followed. Daddy and Lucy never threw up. But now it is Sunday night, and our poor Ella has not been herself today. She has slept almost all day, and not eaten very well. And then around 4 she decided to lose all her stomach contents all over her eye, forehead, hair, blankets, you get the picture =(  She did had a rather large spit up yesterday that we had to clean up, and we weren't sure what it was in the  middle of the night that drenched her. So I made a call to the after hours doctor, and I had a good, long chat with him about what to do today, tonight, and he wants us to for sure come in tomorrow.
Oh my sweet girl. Say a prayer it isn't anything un-fixable! I thought she was just worn out from being sick all week and wanted to snuggle Saturday and Sunday.

Thinking back and after talking to a doctor, we should have taken her in today. Now Luke and I feel bad. We just continued to watch her tonight ( while her few waking periods) to make sure she was recognizing us, and to make sure she didn't have a fever.
Now that we've got this sweet new HP all in 1 computer, I'll have to post some fun stuff tomorrow night. I still haven't gotten around to post my not so fun hospital experience yet! It's a busy week starting today with Palm Sunday. We have all of the Holy Week services, Landon's baseball practices, MARCH MADNESS, egg hunts, and family time on Easter.
Have a great week and GO CARDS!
Don't forget to donate to our March for Babies fund! If you live in Nashville, WE WANT YOU to come join our team and walk with us! I'm placing an order for our team shirt next week! If you want a shirt, let me know! They will be $9 each. If you live out of town and still want to buy a cute shirt in honor of our sweet Lucy Loo =) , let me know! I've already got one to send to KY and one to send to FL.
Our team is almost 1/2 to our goal!

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