Today I choose....

To be a bad mom.
Last night our Motherhood group at church hung out & made attempted to make tank top dresses. We all had cute fabric, almost all had sewing machines, & a few knew how to sew. We had pizza, brownies, salads, sweet tea & got to work. Some dresses were finished, some were left to be finished, & I somehow cut my fabric 2" too wide (4" total), and had to cut it apart to start over. Well, one seam is still in tact! At that point I had been gone for 4+ hours. This is the longest I've been away from Ella, the longest the hubs has had all 3. From the texts I received I decided I needed to leave :/

 I didn't know that the 3 month old had cried the entire time--apparently that's all she does when I'm gone. Remember in baby class at the hospital where they say to never shake your baby? Well Luke didn't get overcome with the desire to shake her, just punt her into the swimming pool! I didn't know the valve would drop down into my 2 year old's sippy of milk, and apparently being out of the room 2 minutes can result in a room and toddler covered in said milk. I didn't know I'd come home at 10:30 to 2 children awake, toys out, a half nasty floor, a bottle sitting out, laundry untouched,a diaper out and laying open from post-milk bath bath, I didn't know I'd lose my mind because I can't leave the house for 4 hours because ," I'm just not as good at this stuff". So we're up until midnight, I got puked on as soon as I fed the baby, Luke has to wake at 3am ( his alarm went off 3 times,& I swear it talks and was talking about Rosa Parks), Lucy cried on & off until after 2( I attempted to let her sleep with us for the first time and she crawled all over me), and sleep didn't happen, and my dress was not done. Have I mentioned I haven't taken a shower in quite a few days?

So, when I'm in bed after feeding the baby at 6, I really should shower. But I can't keep my eyes open. My oldest comes in at 9, and I guess I typed the iPad password for him after telling him we were NOT TURNING on my tv because the baby was sleeping still. Eventually Luce woke up and Ella was cooing. So what does a good mom do? Probably she wouldn't put the oldest 2 in the crib watching Sophia the 1st, leave the youngest in the bouncy (unbuckled), and hop into the shower. She wouldn't get two cherry pop tarts out & turn on Oogieloves (who made this movie up?!?!) so she could feed the baby. A good mom has probably stopped at the grocery and gotten real food. A good mom would finish mopping the floor first thing. A good mom might finally make the middle child's bed who randomly threw up undigested grapes & red farmstand juice earlier in the week, and take the towels out that she's been sleeping on. A good mom might fold the small load (from grape vomit night) of laundry on the couch....and the load in the basket....and the load in the dryer....and move the towels over TO the dryer :) A good mom would have already been to the Y, had snack time,& would be making lunch. A great mom would remember Spider-Man was at Monkey's tree house today & we had planned on going. Whoops, he leaves in 5 minutes. A great mom might get coupons together & hit up the grocery with all 3.
But today, I'm going to be a bad mom. The floor is gross. My kids are sitting in a laundry basket with toys watching Hop, & sliding all over the floor ( the clean part!). I've already been spit up on, and it missed the burp cloth, dripped down her sleeper, my leg,& onto the couch. She's got talent. I warmed up the coffee pot from yesterday, we barely have enough milk for ONE CUP OF COFFEE ( there is some in the freezer if I get desperate. JOKING!!!), and I am going to finish my dress!

But first I'm having to take breaks to eat Lucy's picnic food & put the baby down for a nap...
I will post the dress picture later & some of the other girls' dresses. You know, the girls who got to post theirs on Facebook at midnight because theirs was done ;) It might be awhile as the kids have moved upstairs to the bonus/playroom & that requires a lot of cleanup help. Oh, and our computer crashed & I'm not sure about how to load pictures on here from IPad or IPhone.

In all this craziness and my long to-do lists , I'm so thankful for these three mess-makers & my other half. I'm so thankful to hear playing voices, Lucy's voice might be LOUD, but I am forever grateful she has one! I'm amazed at how my children love me again and again after I lose my temper with them. I'm so thankful for grace & mercy after a long night.

“My Grace is sufficient for you, for MY power is made perfect in weakness” 2 Cor 12:9

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  1. HAHAHAH!! I'm right there with you! You are not a bad mom, you are a NORMAL mom. :-)