Lucy's blanket (quilt)

I should start saying blanket and not quilt when referring to the girls' bedding. I don't have an actual stippling foot ( I believe that's the correct term) for my machine, so I stitched in the ditch on both of them. I'd rather have been able to stitch curly swirly stitches , but it will do!
Luke and I had decided to just use 2 fabrics on the front in big squares ( zebra and pink/white flannel),and then use the same chevron on the back as Ella has. Then I came across this tutorial . http://www.1choice4quilting.com/easy-baking-layer-cake.html . Then Lucy started to become obsessed with elephants, so we thought little elephants would be cute for the back/bottom. But would we be able to find pink and white and gray elephant fabric? Of course! There were actually a few, but we decided on :This pink with white elephant fabric. So then I had a few squares of elephants to add to the front, along with a few squares of left-over chevron, the zebra, the pinstripe flannel, and then I bought a tiny bit of pink and white giraffe print.

It is mostly still zebra and pinstripe , almost too much zebra, as it made a pattern almost on the front :/, but it is what it is.
And Lucy LOVES it. She loves it so much, after 1 night and 1 nap sleeping with it,she decided to stick her hand in her poopy diaper and run her hand on it! Oh my.
She's beautiful.

and she shared her blanket this morning ( pre- nap time dirty diaper). Poor girl needs to be potty trained. Her brother had undies for months at this point.... Back to the quilt. I was really worried about the binding because it gave me trouble on Ella's. I figured I'd try to take pictures step by step and do another little tutorial like I did for the changing pad cover.

Step1) cut strips of 2.25" wide fabric. For Ella's, I used one fabric. For Lucy's I used all my scraps & some scraps from Ella's. You need enough to wrap around the perimeter plus about 10" extra.

You will sew all the strips to make one continuous binding strip.
Step 2) Lay 2 pieces right-side facing, making a right angle.

Step 3) Sew a straight line from the corner on the top strip down to the corner of the bottom strip. This is the only piece I used pins on-- not necessary.
Ignoring my fingers and nails.
Step4) Cut outside of the stitch.

Step 5) Open to check your strip.

Continue this process until your binding is long enough. (Iron open the seams). Check to make sure your coffee isn't close to the strip.

Step 6) Iron the binding strip in half.

Step 7) line up the raw edges and pin. Leave about 5" hanging before you start pinning. This will be used to connect the loose ends of the binding.

Sew straight down the quilt, making sure you are getting all the layers.
What about the corners, you ask?

Step 8) stop about 1/4" from the edge. Lift up your foot, rotate fabric as if you were continuing to sew around the edge.

Flip the binding strip up

Fold the strip back down ( top needs to be lined up with top edge). This creates a perfect corner when folded over the back.

Put your foot back down about 1/4" seam allowances like before. Continue all around until you get to the loose ends.

Step 9) pin the loose ends until the meet. Open the strip & pin the loose ends together, right sides facing, sew together to make a seam.

I'm not sure where the rest of my pictures are. But after you attach the 2 loose ends, you sew it on like the rest of the binding. You then fold the entire biding over the quilt & pin. Make sure you pin on top of your stitch you just made. If you don't , you might not catch it on your next stitch & have to do a little hand stitching. Once you've pinned, flip back to the front & stitch in the ditch all the way around. When you get to the corners, turn your quilt & keep going!

I also forgot way back in November to post the picture from the bed skirt, and how to attach with no deck panel.


So, my tutorial at least had good intentions, until I lost the last few pictures. But hey, that's what google & Pinterest are for, right? :)

My next and hopefully last project for their bedding :http://meandmadeline.blogspot.com/2011/02/tiered-ruffled-valances-tutorial.html?m=1
But first I MUST finish consignment sale stuff. I only have like 1 week left. Luke also started their bookshelf, but it's been on hold a few weeks. Hopefully their room will be done by Easter!

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