Busy Busy Busy

Tomorrow is her next hearing test. We are 99% sure her ears are great, but just checking due to prematurity & the risk of delayed loss. She is awfully loud though :)

Her blanket is completely completely finished now. I had some issues pop up in a few seams on the top :( One of the flannels did not work well, or I did not sew the seam at 1/2" instead of 1/4". Either way, it started opening. But my friend Leslie came to the rescue! She appliqu├ęd an L on the seam. I tried to just hand stitch it, but the flannel kept unraveling. I was totally devastated too. There's 2 other small spot that I hand stitched this weekend, let's hope they stay! She also told me she has a quilting foot she hasn't tried! After I'm done tagging consignment stuff, making Lucy's March of dimes tutu/headband/outfit, sewing the girls' valance, I'm going to buy some super cute summery fabric and make a picnic quilt for this summer! I told her we need to give hers a test run :)

My big boy is now playing coach pitch baseball. Well, he had to go field & hit to be put on a team. We got his roster & he missed his first practice because we were in Memphis. He has practice Thursday. I went and got his helmet & cleats the other week, but he went with his daddy today (while the girls were shopping & sewing) to get a bag and a CUP! What?!?!

Ella Ruth:
My sweet baby is 3 months old. I have her chalkboard picture, but still no computer. Soon. She is getting 3 month pictures tomorrow & I'm SO excited about her little bloomers I got today! Yay!

March for Babies:
I'm working on t-shirts for our team. Please join. We want more walkers!!!! Just about 40 days left!

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