Well, for a normal pregnancy that is! We know we at least won't go past week 39--a day or so after Landon's birthday. Today, Saturday, I am officially 20 weeks & 3 days. So that leaves about 18 weeks & 4 days?
Everything on Baby Girl #2 measured  right on track! She hid her face and heart for a long time, and she had to keep going back to try to see it. Finally, after laying on my left side, she peeked out and was in a position to check the heart. She showed us that she was a girl almost as soon as the thing ( what is that called?) touched my belly. Luke and I both saw the 3 lines, but she said she was going to measure everything else and then come back to the gender. At one point when she was measuring a leg, we both thought we saw a boy part, so then we were confused. ( We discussed this all in the Dr office waiting room after). Then when it came time to look for the gender , she kept shaking my belly and saying she was trying to get good open legs. But we both knew we had already seen the 3 lines a few times, so she really confused us! Finally she said Ok, I'm pretty sure we see it, and I told her Yeah, I think there are definitely 3 lines before she said Baby Girl. After she finally got a good view of the face and heart, we headed across the hall to see the doctor. Everything is great with me. I'm rocking a blood pressure of like 117/62, gaining weight on track ( I think?) 7 pounds, and have no protein in the urine. We didn't really have to discuss much with the doctor since we just had the ultrasound and everything looks good. He joked on us for calling her Baby girl #2, and likes to tell stories of friends or family friends, but no 'sick talk' or 'worries' to discuss. I've said before that Pre-e is really unpredictable, besides knowing that it most likely will happen at some point. We probably still have quite a while to go before it hits( if it does!), but we will be happy when we get about 5 more weeks in. My next visit is in about a month, and then we will see how often I will go back in, and how often they will check on baby girl#2 --from previous Oligo with Landon & the few other things Lucy had going on.
We don't have a name yet. We had a boy name, I really wanted my Beckett. Maybe a dog one day. . . or not. Throw suggestions at us on here or facebook!
We have plenty of other things to work on and accomplish BEFORE we think about buying baby stuff for the room. That's because she doesn't have a room! We still don't know where we will move in about 6-8 weeks. We went and looked at one possibly to rent this week, and I think are going to look at another this weekend. After that, we will also know if we have 3 or 4 bedrooms, and will be able to think more about this baby's room.
Sugar and spice

And everything nice,

That's what little girls are made of.

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  1. Hooray!!!! Keep on trucking!! Alana thinks all girls should be named Lilly. Don't ask me why. :)