To the beach and back!

My last post was FINALLY about our last day at WDW, and now we've already been back to Orlando again. My aunt her her little baby #3 ( Stella) about 3 weeks ago, so we had to go see her. We also didn't get to spend much time with family during WDW trip, so we stayed with my grandparents & visited family.

Sweet sleepy baby

Before we went I had my 16 week Dr appointment. Blood pressure is still great--as expected. All of the blood work and ultrasounds have come back negative for Trisomy 13 & 18 , down syndrome, and Spina Bifida. So, we are set for July 27th for the full anomaly ultrasound. We're praying for a nicely progressing baby, all body parts to be developed where they should be, and a healthy strong heartbeat! I'm not quite sure if I want to know yet if baby is a boy or girl! Luke will see, but he might end up telling me later.

The belly is growing, the pelvis constantly feels out of place--until it loudly pops--, the headaches are ridiculous, and the bathroom visits are out of control. Maybe I'm drinking more this time around, because I never had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME with the other two like all moms talk about. I had a little dehydration day a few weeks ago and had to stay in bed all day, drink water, and sleep.
I'm trying not to think about an early delivery--early as in only 10 more weeks of pregnancy like Lucy--, but am keeping in mind that Pre-eclampsia is ugly and can strike at any time. Every day past October 1st, we will count as a blessing! We know the latest we will carry this baby will be until December 5th @ 39 weeks. Yep, 1 day after Landon's birthday :)
We do NOT have a name decided on. We did not pick 'L' names with the kids, we just liked 2 names that started with he same letter. So, this baby will most likely not have an 'L' name. I don't really like any L names right now. We have a boy named picked out, and have loved it since Landon was born too. I had a girl name I liked, but it is ALL over the place now. And I really thought I was going to be like the only one with a kid that name. We still have a while to get it figured out!

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  1. Girl, the peeing business is because it's your THIRD pregnancy. :) I thought I had to pee alot when I was pregnant with the twins. Then, when Zeke's pregnancy came along it was out of control. Such just keep drinking, no matter how many times you go. Sometimes I would get up four times a night. John thought it was funny. Funny for him, not for me who was rolling myself out of bed every couple of hours. Glad all is well so far. keep on keeping on friend.