22 weeks and 2 days

I think I forgot to add a picture last week. Back to my 'normal' looking self--work out clothes, after coming home from a walk to the park with Luke & the kids. This includes walking back up up up up our hill. The hill has a 16% incline in one part. 
She's the length of a carrot at 21 weeks, about 10 1/2 inches. We are getting closer to moving houses. I'm still not thrilled about not having our own home that we can renovate, fix the kids' rooms, & make our own. I miss our new Martha Stewart carpet we had gotten installed in our TN house. I miss our floors. I MISS OUR POOL. I'm so pale this summer.Ugh.
When we were getting Landon's room ready for him, we started with a hot pink room that we hadn't touched since we moved in.
We ripped up the nasty builder's grade carpet that was stained all over, and put down a laminate hand scraped looking floor. The floor came up 2 years later when we bought every box left in Nashville ( on clearance) to put down in the living room and dining area, and put new Martha Stewart so so soft shaggy carpet. We painted 3 walls a tan we color matched & 1 wall a color we matched from his bedding also.

The room got new baseboards, bead board, chair rail, and crown molding-- all painted an off white to match the crib, dresser, and dresser we re-painted to match.
Finished product.
With Lucy's room, we decided to leave it the tan it was whether it be a boy or girl. We figured we wouldn't get pregnant again after the fertility treatments didn't seem to be working, and if we did we were sure we'd have all boys. Once we found out it was a girl, we had both seen a bedding we really liked. We're not 'theme' people, but both liked the smocking and stitching colors. The only thing we had done by week 28 with Lucy was the crib:

And then one week later we went from this on Sunday:

to this:

 to this Monday evening:
 Once I got home we waited a few weeks still to paint. We had already decided to just do one wall.
We used Behr Tuti Fruiti and Foxy Pink.

The finished product:
We didn't do too much, but we thought we might be moving soon after. We just did a little bit to make it hers. Now, I hate the thought of bringing home this baby to a rental home, and not being able to make it hers. I know she will never have any clue what her first house or room is like, but it still makes me feel bad.
We have some ideas for Baby girl #2's room:

We will see how it all turns out!

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