Derby Festival has started!

Yesterday was the day I had prepared for since January. About a month ago was the 10 miler, which I ran a little slower than expected due to asthma & bronchitis. Since then, the longest I was able to run was a 7 miler the following weekend, and a few 3-4 miles.During that time I went to the doctor to get a new inhaler and medicine for bronchitis again and also had the stomach virus. After the stomach bug, I did AbsOluTelY nothing that week, and didn't eat 3 full meals until a week after--last weekend. So, all this past week I was debating just walking the half. The thought of that seemed so disappointing and embarrassing to me. I didn't want to try to just run and have a super slow time. I decided I was just going to walk the half marathon, and at least I trained up until the 10 miler & completed it! But once I got to the start line, it was a little hard to walk.
I actually never got tired or out of breath--probably because I was going so slow ;) I jogged mostly and walked some. At one point I called Luke to see if he was at his spot yet with the kids, and he told me i HAD to walk because we had planned on me walking. He didn't want me to get to his spot yet, and him not be there. So the majority of miles 6-8 were walked. Then I stopped for a minute or 2 right before mile 9 to see my babies and take some pictures with them. 

My ankles definitely felt the pain of not hitting the pavement for 3 weeks prior, then going for 13.1. I wasn't quite sure how the last 3 miles were going to happen. But when I slowed down to a walk, they actually felt worse, so I just had to keep jogging. I actually seemed to enjoy this one more than my first. ( I ran with a stressed fracture during the first, so it wasn't too enjoyable!). I wasn't worried about my time at all, and just enjoyed being outside. I definitely was planning back in January to finish around 2 hours and 10 minutes. I am NOT a fast runner. I do not even enjoy running that much. I just know if I pay money, and set a goal like this, I will keep it up. 10 minutes miles are perfectly fine for me! I don't think I could ever finish under 2 hours , mainly because I don't have the desire or care to. Plus, I've always been slow.So I finished around 2 hours and 44 minutes--taking away time that I stopped to say 'hi'. So slow. I know.Over a 12 minute mile average with jogging and walking. But hopefully half marathon #3 will be run fully healthy! Maybe 3rd time is a charm, and I'll finish in a good time after putting in 4+ months of training.
I didn't get any finishing pictures because Luke and the kids decided to head to Starbucks after saying hi us, then they got gas, then he couldn't figure out how to get to the finish.  I sat FREEZING my booty off ( I had goose bumps the entire race. It was mid 50's with some pouring rain around mile 4.5-5), munching on a bagel , some chips, and powerade for about 30 minutes, then finally walked back to the finish line ( it took me awhile to stand up!), got a foil blanket, and waited for Amanda to cross. Then we sat down for a few more minutes, and headed to find Luke a few blocks away...still freezing, but the sun had come out. So we took a picture before getting into the cars.
We've also attempted the balloon glimmer ( it was cancelled), but we hung out at the chow wagon for a little bit. We went to the balloon glow Friday night, right before they had to let the balloons down due to wind.

Elyssa has her Healthy Kids Day this afternoon at Papa John's, and then we're planning on going back down to the waterfront for the Christian Concert night (Jonny Diaz,
Chris Sligh, and Building 429 ) & maybe get some good fried oreos, or fried Twinkies, or funnel cakes, or Lemon shake ups, or Italian sausage, or pulled pork, or Philly cheese steaks....
This week is the last week of Derby Festival   and we are planning on going to the parade preview on Wednesday, the parade on Thursday, and then Luke and I are going to The Oaks on Friday.

After all the fun Derby festivities are over, we have another countdown to look forward to! June 2nd we'll load up the car and head down south to my grandparents. We'll be spending the week at..........

Yay for a week away( 5 at the resort, 2 with family) walking around with just the kids, enjoying some swimming, and no housework!

34 days! =)
Then Luke still has 2 more weeks of vacation he needs to use before the beginning of August, so we'll be heading back down to Orlando the first week in August to stay with family & see my new baby cousin. Jam packed Spring & fun filled summer ahead!

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