good morning from our 8 month old!

Sorry it is sideways, it send it that way from my phone.
Well, we've made it 8 months with this little sweetie! What a long way we have come from December 13th! Many prayers have been answered as my body has healed, Lucy stayed healthy without any infections in the NICU, she CAME HOME, she has been progressing physically & developmentally, she does not have any disabilities that we know of at this time, and she is making us so very haaaaapppppy!

We are staying busy busy & August doesn't look any different! Tonight we are heading to a going away party for our friends, Justin and Rebekah. They are heading to L.A. in about a week. We are so very sad that they are moving, but so very excited for them!
I stole this from your FB, hope you don't mind ;)

Tomorrow is our 7 year anniversary! We won't be able to celebrate really this weekend because Luke has to open tomorrow.We are planning on going 'away' for a night in 2 weekends. Luke forgot he had 1 week of vacation left to use before next week, so he sort of just lost it. He is going to be able to take a few days here and there before September though--he is in charge of inventory again. His 60 hour work weeks are long gone for a month. We'll see him sometime around October! Anyways, happy 7 years!

A few months before the wedding. Ok, well we were only engaged from aboutMay 21st-August 14th. So I guess I should say a few weeks before the wedding
In 2 weekends, we also have Lucy's NICU birthday party @ Baptist. We're so excited to show off our sweet little girl to all the people who took care of her for us for almost 2 months. Ah, I 'm still in shock every time I think that we have to live almost 2 months without her here in the house with us. I still feel guilty about how little time I was able to spend with her there. I know there are mothers that sit up in the ICU ( P or N) every hour possible. It was just a very hard time--hard to see her so little, hard to hear her monitors beeping, hard to work around other people's work schedules, hard to work around Luke's work schedule, and hard to work around Landon. I didn't really want anyone else to see her like this either. I didn't want her to be treated like a circus act--a  2 pound baby!!! I did go see her every day, and for the most part I was only allowed to hold her 1 time a day. Even when we brought her home we continued the cluster care and only 'messed' with her when she ate. Since their bodies are so immature, they can't be overstimulate by touch or sound or anything. That is another major reason, besides body heat, that we could only hold her for so little of a time. And then if she had not had a good day or just had her vitamins, we couldn't hold her at all.  So when we/I did go and we couldn't hold her ( or had already had our 10 minutes of holding) we cupped 1 hand on her head & 1 on her booty.
This picture was about 5 weeks old. It was always so hard to leave my sweet baby, and brings tears to my eyes still. We are SO VERY THANKFUL for all the wonderful nurses and Drs who loved our sweet baby like their own! We excited to see some other little miracles at the party, some of whom we watched grow as well in the NICU.
I also go back to Dr. W next week. He wants to do some final blood work on me after the HELLP syndrome. Once again, we're reminded of how thankful we are as the "morbidity and mortality rates associated with the syndrome have been reported to be as high as 25 percent". We'll see what all he has to say, and ask any other questions we still have.
I FINALLY made Landon a dentist appointment. I have been meaning to since December. He is excited to go, and just has to wait about 2 more weeks. Maybe we can find out if his tumor removal will affect his back molar.I'm not sure if there is anything else we can squeeze into August!

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